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You are being gently reminded not to get caught in the chaos of the adult world where fear, greed, and suffering are commonplace.

If Porcupine has entered your life;

It’s time to free yourself of guilt and shame and reclaim the innocence that you left behind as a child. Open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child; remember fantasy and imagination and bring into your life again. Make sure that you do not to get caught in the chaos of the world, where fear, greed and suffering are commonplace.

Know that you are protected and that protection is always available to you. It’s time to be yourself, and trust that it is safe to be who you are. The focus here is on faith and trust and the knowing that you can move mountains with these powers.

Are you allowing other people’s opinions to prevent you from exploring activities that could otherwise be fun and enjoyable? Do you have recreational time in your life? Are you overly sensitive to the barbs of others? Are your barbs inappropriate or taking the joy from others? Are you still allowing the barbs from long ago to aggravate you and sting you? Sometimes it is necessary to remove the old barbs, no matter how painful, so they do not fester and poison the system.

If Porcupine is your Animal Totem;

You might be overly sensitive to criticism from others or overly critical of others. Perhaps you are allowing barbs from long ago to still affect your life now.

Porcupine people often crave and over indulge in salt intake. Beware of this and watch your intake.

You also have a knack for sticking it to people if you are intensely aggravated. You say or do that which will cause the most hurt for the longest time; like a quill barb working deeper into the skin. You do not always use it, but when you do the point is well taken. Conversely you know exactly how to resist the barbs of others and clearly set your boundaries. You are also willing to show strength through your own vulnerability.

If Porcupine has come to you in a Dream;

To see a porcupine in your dream suggests that you need to look out for yourself and protect yourself from emotional or psychological harm. Trust and honesty are important qualities. Alternatively, a porcupine indicates that there is a situation which you need to approach with openness. Someone in your waking life may be on the defensive and are not be exposing their vulnerabilities.

To see a porcupine in your dream also suggests defense mechanisms working overtime. Metaphorically bristling at any new ideas, possibilities, or relationships for fear of failure or being hurt. You may be threatening others in order to get your own way, whether or not you actually intend to follow through on the warning given.

Additional Meanings of Porcupine;

  • Innocence
  • Trust in Spirit
  • Renewed sense of wonder
  • Creating your own path
  • Protection of boundaries
  • Defense when threatened
  • Allowing others their path
  • Non-interference
  • Good nature
  • Curiosity
  • Cautiousness
  • Boldness in actions and words
  • Have recreation time for yourself
  • Barbs of resistance
  • Strength
  • Kindness

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16 Responses to Porcupine

  • I dream I had 3 types of animal living under a bed in my house, one was a cat, porcupines, and what seems to be aligater eggs that had not hatch yet, in the dream we were saying it was an aligater and was looking for the mother that was never found, the eggs never hatch so I’m not for sure if it was actually an aligater, but through out the dream we were clean up under these beds to find these animals and the mother to these eggs, the whole dream, what does this dream mean.

  • yesterday i had a dreem which is not connected to reality
    I was fishing thru fishhook with fresh meet poked than a porcupine caught i scared it may pull me in to the water but i never leave the hook stick pulled back it came with the meet which i poked in tell me the meaning of it thank you

  • Wow love this!!!

  • last night I dreamed of a porcupine, it had very very sharp prickles, but the more I considered these prickles the more entranced I became in them and then Ir ealised that these were the prickles of a damaged mind, a thread that was coming unwritten, a cake that was not bakedd. These were my OWN prickles. I was the porcupine and yet I still felt human. yet I still felt animal, somewhat primeval but also human.

    What does this mean? am I going to be able to find way to a stable forest of my own mind and not feel so isoolated and attacked that I must defend with my dreamy prickles.

  • Where does the porcupine sit on the medicine wheel?

  • Yesterday a real porcupine visited the property around our home even though our local DNR representatives say that there are none in our state (West Virginia). She was so incredibly beautiful! We watched her climb a tree and I even captured that on a video and called it Porcupine Ascends. It was a powerful moment for me because my first mentor/teacher, who has now passed over, had nicknamed me ‘Porcupine’. At the time this lovely creature appeared I 💡 💡 was writing to a friend about advice on taking the next steps in building my own herb business now that all of our four children are nearly grown. So much new terrain to explore, maybe a little fearfully (?), and then Porcupine ambles across my path. Feeling blessed… 💡 ❓

  • Someone recently gave me a Porcupine as my Power Animal. Reading the meaning here made perfect sense.

  • i need to incorporate porcupine’s energy into my daily life due to the struggles i am currently facing . How can i do that?

    • I would not allow other’s words and gestures get me (I know…easier said than done!). Have you ever read the Four Agreements? Years ago it helped me to detach myself from other’s criticism and actions. Since the Porcupine came to me today maybe I need to re-read it. Good luck!

      • How funny is life! The above comment (answer) is mine. After a heated family fight I received the message of the porcupine (and before the hedgedog!). I scrolled down to the comments section to gain more clarity, which usually I find here and the comment that caught my attention was this one and only after I realized: I wrote it months ago! 😀

  • Oh my! I was cleaning up and I found one of my Indian Medicine Cards, which was being used by my 10yr old daughter, as a book mark! I looked too see which one it was, and it was porcupine! Wow– Right on the $$$, as always!I’ve found this to be very helpful on My journey HERE and how the universe connect s with all of us in some way or another! 😛

  • ,animal spirit guides have changed my life,it’s unbelievable that how universe guides us in this way, and I appreciate this website,it’s one of the bests in this field,thank you

    • Wow had a dream last niget about one. Before bed I was upset people are thinking less of me because I have started drawing dragonballz and collecting pokemon cards after I quit a job working 12 days as a nurse. I was misrable now I feel a curtain type of innocence in my heart. Thanks for this absolutely amazed.

  • A porcupine just walked by my husband and I like eight feet away, seemingly unaware of us. We found this page as we searched for the spiritual significance of this creatures appearance in our experience. It was amazingly applicable to our day. Thank you!!!!!

  • This was very insightful and helpful. Thanks

  • 😛 Thank you so very much for this elucidating site. It is helpful to those like me who seek to understand the wonderful world of nature, especially animals and their messages/symbolism, to help us humans “get it together”. Endless blessings to you.

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