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You are reminded that no matter how vibrant and original you are - sometimes you have to ensure that your timing is appropriate.

If Pheasant has strut into your life;

Pheasant may be letting you know that your libido and vitality are at a peak right now. Know that through the use of color and confidence you can attract what you want. Go ahead and strut your stuff! Don’t be afraid to attract attention to yourself.

On the other hand this bird could be reminding you that you have as yet untapped creative passions that are burning deep within you. Know that anything you start right now that feeds those passions will be endlessly productive for you.

Have you asked yourself lately whether or not you have been enjoying the pleasures of life? Are you enjoying the beauty that surrounds you? Are you discovering new erotic experiences. good fellowship and happiness? All these wonderful things surround you right now and are there for your enjoyment. But only if you believe yourself worthy of enjoying your own success.

If Pheasant is your Animal Totem:

You have a great deal of ability to attract love and creativity in your life. You prefer open spaces so that you can roam freely. You are also open to new experiences, making new friends and meeting new people. You love variety in everything that surrounds you. You love to flaunt bright flashy colors and but also know when to lay low and camouflage yourself in your surroundings. Color is important to you and you often use it to reflect your moods.

If Pheasant has come strutting into your Dreams;

To see this bird in your dream can symbolizes motherhood and nurturing. Alternatively it can also symbolize your dreams coming true – especially if you have been focused and working hard at them of late. Pheasant in a dream is a clear symbol of abundance and productivity.

Pheasant can also be an omen of good fellowship among your peers.

Additional Associations for Pheasant…

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15 Responses to Pheasant

  • I went out to the Sales and on a long stretch of road was a male pheasant then few yards another then another all the way for at least a mile and a half, plus collecting feathers.

  • I have seen 3 while driving 2 flew by closely.

  • A pheasant crossed a 3 lane motorway in front of me, I kept glancing in my rear view mirror, asking into the universe that it didn’t get hit. Feathers ruffled wildly as cars rushed past it on both sides. It dashed in front of a truck but made it to the side!!! I felt jubilant that it made it across safely in spite of the huge danger. Quite amazing.

  • Just had 3 pheasant in a week fly at me in my car.

  • Lived here for 6 years and never saw a pheasant. Now one has moved into the bushes in my yard and it was seen in front of my garage today. My dog wants to chase it but I keep her on a leash so the pheasant will stay.

  • I dreamt of a pair of phesant hens (one female, one male). They had big eyes, almost caricaturized.. And, they look uncolorful like the hens (or females) of this species; but my impression was that they were old. I let them in the house because it was a stormy, rany night. But in the morning, I found they had already left. They left their blanket in the chair. Any ideas?

  • How do i know what my animal totem is?

  • Today I drove into the graveyard where my father and grandmother are buried. I stopped my car and from a distance I saw a cock phesant was standing near their graves. Then whilst watching me it walked up the hill and across both of their graves, out of the hundreds of graves their it went to theirs. I had conflict with my father before he died but loved my grandmother

  • Today on my drive home I saw a female pheasant pecking at dirt on the side of the road. I’ve never seen a live pheasant, but I immediately knew what she was. I felt very rewarded for seeing her. cool

  • ❓ I am a witch who is mildly sociable and i am a favoritism. I am a transsexual. i am very open-minded and I am extremely spiritual. I am always looking for an adventure as I am a traveler and would prefer to be known as a Coven Witch type. I am a follower when it comes to learning but I am the leader when it comes to my spirit, and I am extremely submissive. I am not very violent at all. My element is fire and I am devoted to magick. What is my spirit animal totem?

  • This week I’ve seen 2 pheasants in different locations and seen a post about pheasants on Facebook.

    • Amazing. I was driving along and on the side of the road I saw a male and a female pheasant! This is a first for me! Very excited. This was 2 days ago, on February 24.

  • I dreamed of sitting on a huge blue pheasant with my aunt who passed away. We were flying over an artificial lake that had greenish water. My aunt was controlling the pheasant. She was also saying something to me. I also saw 2 fishes in the lake.

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