“Pay it Forward” Team

Our Pay it Forward Team:

Derek Merriam:

I would like to say that it’s nice to see everyone helping each other with dream and life event interpretation. As for myself I have been deciphering dreams for 20 + years starting with my own life altering dream and events that followed.

Derek Merriam, Spirit Animal Totems, Pay It Forward Team, www.spirit-animals.com
Derek Merriam

I would like to say as well that due to recent events I’ve grown into a light worker, helping others with these gifts is what I like to try and do. Please when asking for dream interpretation try and remember the emotion that comes with the dreams are as if not more important than the dreams themselves.

Also, when I’m interpreting a dream or later life event I will always give the basic principles of what your dreams can mean and if I get any messages from spirit I will tell you also afterwards.

Please note, messages are not always happy and uplifting as such I will not pass messages from spirit that can cause a negative impact on one mental health. If in turn its (very) important that a message get across this may have to be done in private.

Let’s all remember this: We all create our own reality and there are no such things as bad or negative animals in this case, only we can truly create darkness in our lives and there’s more than enough already all around us.

Love each other in the knowing that our souls are all one.


Derek M

How to Join our “Pay it Forward” Team:

Our website has been growing so much of late that we are getting far more comments than there are answers coming in. This has sparked a bit of an idea to create a team of people who are willing to help and share their knowledge with those seeking answers.  If you would like to join this team – please take the time to answer about 10 to 20 questions a week on our website. Choose animals that you feel you have an affinity for and let your answers flow from your heart. Make sure that you use the same valid email address with each post.

You can also send us an email announcing your intentions using our contact page. We will watch for your “Pay it Forward” answers. When you have answered your first 20 we will notify you and ask for a small bio, and more information about you. Also give us links to your website if you have one and we will list you here on this page.

When answering comments please make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. It is best to use a laptop or PC for these as messages posted by phone have often been auto corrected strangely. Stay away from acronyms  and please proof read your comments. Pay it Forward comments will not be spell checked and corrected by the administrator. (Most comments are posted as is on this site)

Best of luck and we look forward to your responses. Your participation is appreciated however we do reserve the right to moderate your comments. We will update this page as it is possible we will have to make some changes to this format.

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