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You have the ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment you are now in.

If Owl has silently glided into your life;

You may need to remove yourself from the noise of life and become the still silent observer. After slowing down and becoming stable you will be amazed by the wealth of information and meaning that surrounds you. It may be bringing you the ability to see what others may miss. Open your eyes and truly examine how things are, you will be surprised that suddenly you can see things that are normally hidden from view – like the motives of those around you. External appearances will give way to the truth and meaning hidden beneath.

Alternatively Owl is often thought to come to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed. Listen carefully to that inner voice and be guided to recapture the knowledge of your true path in life. Owl’s senses pierce through shadows, beyond fear and darkness, through to the other side that promises light, happiness and knowledge.

If Owl is your Animal Totem:

The Owl is the symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. The Owl is also the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. You work best during the night hours. This totem gives you the power to extract secrets. Listen to its voice inside of you. You will hear not what others are saying, but what is hidden. You can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot. People cannot deceive a person who has an this totem because you can see into the darkness of others souls. Most Owl people are clairvoyant because of this ability. It can be very scary at times. Learn to trust your instincts about people.

If Owl has come gliding through your Dreams;

It may be telling you to let go of the past or certain negative behaviors.

To hear the hoot of an Owl in your dream denotes disappointments and death. Your unconscious mind may be trying to get your attention.

To see a dead Owl in your dream signifies some illness or death. Death in this sense may be a symbolic death, as in an important transition in life or the end of a negative habit.

To dream that an Owl is trying to peck your eyes out, means lacking insight. There is an issue that you are trying desperately to avoid.

Additional Associations for Owl:

For Additional Owl meanings;


Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Owl was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Owl is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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87 Responses to Owl

  • I was praying and crying out to god and a owl appeared just seen the head and eyes what would that mean

  • I was driving today to work and an owl swoosh down in front of mey car and it was the most beautiful white owl I have seen…What does it mean because it was in the early morning when that happened…

  • I had a dream of a baby brown owl with a bright red face, it was trying to get in my house. I was at the front door and it was flying close to the glass and pecking on it trying to get in. I thought it was so cute and called my partner into the room. We looked at the owl and how beautiful the markings were.. It was so cute but I was scared to let it in.

  • Ever since I was, I guess, born there has been this owl following me. My mom said it started when I was only a few months old, she put me to sleep in my room, and she went into the other room, a few minutes later she heard me laughing and cooing, she walked into my room and saw the owl perched on my window staring at me, my mother shushed it away and picked me up. That’s when it all started. Ever since then my mother has heard it everywhere we went. I confessed to her a few ago that I had a strange feeling of someone watching me, and how I always heard but never saw this owl. That was when she told me about the incident. Once she told me, all I ever heard was that owl. I don’t understand what it means, but it’s been going on for 18 years already.

  • I took a few tests and did some research and I have definitely concluded this is my spirit animal. I recall one day when I was 11 years old, I was with my father and we went up to this large out of the way hill to watch the air show(my dad loved airplanes, I didn’t but I loved bonding with him). The show concluded and we were walking back down from the hill when we passed a bush and this huge, beautiful owl flew out(it must have had its nest there) it spread its wings and soared a few feet in front of us, then landed on the ground in front of us. We were about 5 feet away from it and we were just frozen still. In complete awe of the bird, it was so large and beautiful. It never turned around to face us and we kept on moving as we didn’t want to disturb its family but I will never forget that encounter.

  • ever since i was about 6 every were i go (alone or not) i ten to see the same little owl i know its the same because on the right wing its white and the rest its body its an brown color . i am now 15 years old and i’ve moved around (Florida ) and this beautiful bird is there mostly when i’m afraid,lost, or i need guidance . this owl have been the same size since i was 6 and haven’t grown at all its still the same baby owl it even came in my room once and stayed there while i slept till i woke up the next morning and did my hygene i saw my window open . i was about 10 at the time. if your wondering yes i told my mother about this bird and when i did she ask have i gone mad this was just a couple of weeks ago..i stared to think i was going mad,bunkers,extremely insane till the baby owl came to me one day while i was spending time with my back at the time “boyfriend” at my best friend birthday party. i was waiting to leave when the owl came on my shoulder and it was actually flying to were my boyfriend was showing me that he was cheating on me … but anyways this owl was actually a guide to me i still see the owl in life and in my dreams its more of a gardian than an Spirit to me and even tho i dont know why it chose me to guide in the world im just happy to say that it did

  • I woke up in the early morning hours and could hear an owl hooting nearby. It went on for quite some time. When I fell back asleep, I had the oddest dream. There was a young man who was coming and going from a window in my house as people in the dining room were playing a board game about a flooded city. When I left to go find the boy that kept coming in the window, I found a teenage girl who was complaining of abdominal pains. A neighbor told me she was cursed and we should get her to another neighbor who lives nearby. That woman pulled the curse from her, and it came out of her mouth in the form of 4 slimy looking balls, sorta like a fresh mozzarella ball. It was crazy. A few days ago, my mother in law had surgery to remove a large mass in her abdomen but beforehand, they drained 4 liters of fluid from it. Sorry to gross everyone out, but this is the only connection I can make to anything in this bizarre dream. But, I do think the owl is my spirit animal, since I’ve seen several more in the last few hours after getting up. Seem to be popping up everywhere. AND, I think the owl brought me this dream for some reason. Wish I knew why. Any suggestions?

  • An owl has sat on the corner of the roof above my bedroom 2 nights in the week now, I’m just wondering what this could mean?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interesting webpage.
    Last night I had a very strange dream. I was in a forest, the sky above me was full of flying owls. I felt I had to chooe mine, as a messanger. So I left my hands toward the sky and made the uhh uhh sound..3 owls came down and sit on my hands…one on the left and 2 on the right.
    I looked at them and I decide to choose the one on my left..because he had a white ladybug on his head..
    I am so curious to discover the meaning of this dream…do you have any ideas?
    thanks again!

    • I think it means that you need to trust your gifts. Be grateful for your bounty and don’t search for ‘more’.

  • I am going through a very high conflict divorce (3.5 years) with someone who refuses to be reasonable and just let go of things. At one point he asked if we could talk, I agreed and he drove me out to the waters edge in a parking lot and we sat and talked or I listened rather. From the moment we got there until the moment we left there was an owl sitting on a cut off telephone pole just to the right of me about 100 feet away. I believe that this is my totem animal, and that the owl was there to provide me the strength I needed that day. All of the attributes of the owl and its meaning have proven themselves quite true.

  • Last night around 12 midnight I went for a smoke before bed. My smoking room in a screened in cedar outdoor porch. In the corner off my eye I seen a rapid flap of wings. I quickly turned on the light and there was a young great horned owl sitting on a chain of a old Quartz crystal lamp shape. I felt incredible positive energy from the young owl. I went inside grabbed my iPod and took pictures of it. I sat with the owl for 20 minutes and stared into his eyes. It was incredible and I felt an unique energy from it.

  • Hi I just had a friend ask me what seeing two owls mean.This friend has a friend who is heavily pregnant and she saugh two owls.I thought two owls was unusual hope you can help.Thank you in advance.Carol

  • yesterday night I was watching 4 deer out my window. they gently dig through the snow to get to the grass to feed. all of a sudden a bluish gray owl flew down from what I think was the roof, he bite my finger as he flew inside my room. it took an hour to get him to fly back out the window. why would an owl bite my finger in the dead of winter at 12:00am in the morning? is this once in a life time thing trying to tell me something?

  • I recently two days ago found a dead owl..white with golden brown on it. It was stuck under a branch. All intact no blood eyes open. Perfect condition. I left some tobacco and said a prayer. Wondering what this means…if it means anything significant at all.

  • Today. .in the evening i had a dream about an owl chasing me ..I was standing on the roof of my house suddenly an owl came flying ,passed by me,But saw me and came back taking a U Turn :/ Then i walked away to get rid of it but that owl was :?: continuously following me..I walked in my house but found him there too Staring at me .. then i went to my bedroom to hide bt he reached there too ..Sat comfortably and again stared at me. . Erghhh.. Please tell me what does this mean ? That owl was Quite and Not attacking me.. i also dint attacked just got scared :?:

  • I had a dream last year, where I was talking to my maternal uncles, and was unhappy. As I briskly stood up to leave, I fell into a large expansive green field surrounded by trees. On those trees were many many small owls. They were watching me walk happily across the field. It seemed quite peaceful, but the owls, they continued watching me. Not sure what this means.

  • This evening we drove down to our daughters , on the way there a white owl glided across the road in front of us, low and slow, so much I was wishing it a safe crossing as we feared for it safety,
    then on our way home we saw a unbelievable sight, at first one large owl sat on a fence post at the side of the road, as we drove past it he/she turn its head and looked at us as we drove past,
    a few seconds later, we saw a second owl, then a next one and a next one till we had seen a row of four then a next two one after the other, :roll: all along the same road sat on the same row of fencing over 1000 ft, each one turned and looked at us, is there a meaning to this or was it a weird coincidence!!. :roll:

  • There were 6 people in my house. It was about 9-10 pm. We heard te hoots several times. We walked outside and an owl was on the peak of the roof. The sky was clear with lots of stars. We were standing on the drive way close to the garage. All the sudden the owl flew off and kinda swooped us and the there was a clap of lightning. The Lightning made my husband literally fall to the ground. The rest of us were standing close to him, but he is the only one who felt it. A few weeks later I found out how unfaithful he had been and had a six year old daughter that I knew nothing about. I’ll never forget the owl encounter!

  • Hi, have visited my friends terrace on saturday night… I have seen white owl flying twice…. can you please tell me what does it means…….

  • I had a dream where I was walking along a footpath and there was an owl a few steps behind me just sitting there, I knew it was there and I could feel it was, someone came up to me and asked me about the owl so I turned towards the owl to explain he was sad when he flew towards me and perched on my arm and I could feel he only trusted me and wanted my help, I was scared because I thought his talons would tear my arm but nothing happened.. Eventually some type of owl person came along to get him and he went with this person but up until this point he never once left my arm… Any idea what it means?

  • I had a dream last night of an owl. I’ve never dreamt of one before. Here’s what happened…. My mother, my mom’s sister, my brother, my boyfriend and myself where in this public place, like a mall, but nobody else was there except us. I remember being lost in thought for a second, and here comes this owl flying, and It landed about ten feet from us. I remember staring at it and was amazed that it was here, especially since it was day time. So it flew over and it landed on my brother’s hand for a split second and then it flew and landed on a branch. The Next thing it does, it begins to go to each family member of mine, and it would kiss them on their upper arms with its beak. So finally it flies over to me, and it begins to kiss my left arm. I remember looking at how beautiful it was. It was soft, and it was black and white, but it looked grey. Then it begins to bite my arm. I began to get bothered by this. I remember grabbing it a couple of times off my arm, and its claws would sink into my hands. Then it began attacking my hands. At this point I started to get extremely angry. I remember thinking to myself, “Why is this owl attacking me? Why didn’t it attack anyone else?” So now I grabbed it by its neck, and then suddenly, we all appeard at my childhood house. I opened the front door, and the owl is still trying to bite my hands, and it’s sinking its claws in my hand, and I remember squeezing it harder by its throat and flung it outside. It landed on its back and we just stared at each other for a moment. It was like he was telepathically letting me know he was going to get me back for doing that to him. I walked back inside and shut the door. I finally looked down at my hands and there were deep puncture wounds all over them, but there was no blood coming out. I woke up after that.

  • In September 2014, I had fallen asleep on my couch in my apt that is located downtown fort worth. Around 1 am I heard a scratching noise at my balcony door. My balcony does not have a patio, only a small ,maybe 10 inch, gap between the door and the Juliet balcony. I grew up out in East ttc so in my sleep thoughts I told myself the scratching noise is probably the wind blowing the trees against the window…. then I realized wait I live downtown there isn’t a single tree near my apt and the scratching became more violent, so I got up off the couch nervous about what I would see. I leaned over the love seat to see what it was and I was in complete shock… there was an owl trapped between the railing and my balcony door (in that gap of only maybe 10 in) it was flapping its wings frantically and it was scratching the door with such intensity. When I first saw it we made direct eye contact and I was breathless and panicked a bit… I decided I had to take a picture of it because I could barely believe what I was seeing…after I took the picture the owl was still freaking out and flapping its wings with such intensity, that’s when I thought to myself “what am I suppose to do I don’t want it to get hurt but If I open the door the only place it would be able to go was in so I calmed myself down and told myself “let it be it will figure it out” so I went back to sleep even though I heard it struggle for a couple more minutes, when I woke up a few hours later, the owl was gone not a single scratch on the glass nor a feather left behind. I know if I wouldn’t have taken pictures nobody would’ve believed me I’m not sure I would’ve believed me even though I saw it with my own eyes… it was just very peculiar that an owl got trapped on my balcony in the middle of a busy downtown where there isn’t wildlife… thoughts?

  • About a week ago I had a dream that has not necessarily been “haunting” me, but provoking my interpretation like no other dream I’ve had before. The Owl was prominent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I dreamed I was in a lush forest, vibrant green leaves were in abundance among the trees. It was daytime, though no sun actually pierced the canopy of the trees. Two waterfalls, small and rolling over moss-covered rocks lead into a calm and clear stream, and as I watched it from the falls to my feet I realized I was standing on large grey stones. They felt almost spongy, like the moss among the falls. It was then I was visited by the first Owl, a whitish-grey one that was only present, I never interacted with it in any way. (I have little encounters with Owls, only seeing one 10 or so years ago on a trip into Manitoba). After seeing the first Owl, I watched it for a time. I was then visited by two more Owls, an amber colored one with a small round face that watched me from a branch to the right side of me and a fatter brown one with yellow feathers protruding above it’s eyes like horns, swooping down towards me. I was not scared, and stretched out my arm. It landed on my arm, and ran up the length of it and across my shoulders, the talons almost tickled as they made their way back to my outstretched right arm, I smiled. It seemed to shift, adjusting it’s wings and when I looked at it’s talons they appeared to be part of my arm like a tattoo of sorts. I looked to where the amber Owl sat, and it’s gaze remained fixed on me.

    The forest I was in seemed to shift, I looked back to the brown Owl and it was seemed to be watching the darker part of the woods in front of me. The forest shifted again, and I was in an unfamiliar house, standing in between the kitchen and living room, in front of a dark hallway. The living room was well-lit with sunlight entering in from the sheer covered window, what looked to be a residential street was outside. Both the living room and kitchen were very basic, the kitchen containing only a small table and chairs, a fridge, and a long counter. The brown Owl was still on my arm, and it adjusted it’s wings again. The white Owl was underneath the kitchen table, it appeared smaller than it was before. The amber Owl with the small round face was on top of the fridge, again to my right side slightly above me like in the forest. I felt this gnawing need to show someone the Owl on my arm, and felt there had to be someone in the house. I walked partway down the long hallway, and there was one open bedroom to my left. It was dark inside, as if there was no windows, but I could see a desk with nondescript clutter and a mattress sitting in the corner on top a box spring. There was a blanket in disarray, as if someone had recently been laying in the bed. The brown Owl stretched out its wings, and as I went to rest it on the bed, my hand reached out to the blanket.

    I was surprised to feel a leg underneath the blanket, touching it just above the ankle. It recoiled, and frightened me. The Owl sprang up from my arm, and the sound of it’s wings flapping filled the air. I quickly backed out of the room, standing back in the kitchen as I waited for a voice to ask “Who’s there?” or some sort of reprimanding for startling the unknown sleeper. No response came and I stood in complete silence. I looked to where the white Owl was, and it was still underneath the table, it’s back facing me. I looked then to the amber Owl on top the fridge, and it was still looking straight at me, it’s head turning to the side.

    Then I woke up.

    – I am at a period of great transition in my life, leaving a place of work I have spent the greater part of my life in, and may be moving from the town I grew up in. I am lead to wonder what the waterfalls, the stream, and three Owls represent in my dream because I have a friend who I grew up with lose his mother due to cancer 2 years ago, and he was stricken to a wheelchair 8-9 years ago due to a bone disease. After her passing his family has crumbled in a way, leading him to almost be neglected to what I felt was a point of abuse. Could the person on the bed and my recoiling be a message leading me to help him out? On the other hand, my first true love, who lives in the city I was planning on moving to has been going through a rough time. She had been a victim of rape a few years ago, and went through pregnancy single, being forced by circumstance to give her child up for open adoption. The unfamiliar house leads me to think it is a representation of the new city, the person on the bed perhaps being sick in body, but representing the darkness left in her soul. I am at a crossroads, maybe why the two waterfalls lead to one stream? Representing both the situations I currently find myself in? Could it mean I may find a way to solve them both, given that the sick friend has family in Calgary, where I’m aiming to move, as well as my love?

    I am sorry for the long post, but I appreciate your taking the time to read it, and would be very grateful for any insight.

  • Owls have been my totem for at least 14 years. I have chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues, and it helps me to remember what the Owl signifies, because it can be very hard.
    I have fallen into depression after the end of a long relationship & the death of my grandparents. it’s like I’m frozen & don’t take comfort in my spiritually life anyy feelings for so long, & that’s not like Me because I am definitely a water spirit & moon child. Lately I feel like I’m slowly climbing out of it.
    I always ask for signs and help from my guides my spirit my totems and my ancestors, But I don’t feel them around and I think it’s because I am blocking that part of me. I used to be so open to it and feel the presence of my ancestors are totems and in the last year I haven’t been able to. What can you suggest that I do?
    I had a dream last night about a great gray owl, ; My parents bought it for me as a pet. There’s something special or significant about that owl? Thank you. I also recently aquired the jaguar totem; It must be helping me out and the status called and solitary time. I hope to honor them both.

  • I was walking my dog at 11:00 pm. I saw a bird flap from one wire to another just across the street ..maybe six strides walking. I thought at first what is a
    seagull out at this time of night? \then it’s flapping I thought an eagle. It was an owl. In a suburban area? It landed on the tele wire and stared at me. I have been camping before…never saw one. Suburban area? I have experienced the paranormal and from what I read I now know my calling.
    To be an addiction counsellor. Funny I was already taking a course in that. Now I am totally convinced. Really? An owl in a suburban area? :grin:

  • We have all been fighting off sicknesses in my family and in our household. My mom has been praying for a sign from her Mother (my grandma) that everything will be ok, she prayed the rosary again this morning. When my husband went to bring out the garbage he spotted a white snow owl perched on our roof. He snapped off about 7 pictures of it. It didn’t make noise, but just perched and observed for a few minutes. Once my husband went in the garage and came out – it was gone. I really hope this is a sign of good fortune vs. the other alternative. Both me and my mom have MS, my 4 year old son has allergy/asthmatic type issues, and my aunt is battling lung cancer. Hoping this is a sign of good fortune!

  • Hi..I don’t really know what this would mean but I had a close encounter with an owl for the second time in my life. It was late on 13th of December when I took my sponge box to bath. I had to go behind the house to check on my cloths kept on wire. When I walk out of the apartment to walk down the compound, I saw a owl standing on the fence..Looking straight at me and I was looking straight at it too. I was scared and the owl was so comfortable looking at me. I screamed and it didn’t still fly away. I ran inside to call a younger brother and he came looking at it too then my sister was coming to see it and it flew away. Does this have any meaning?

  • I have seen 4 owls at night in less than a week. All one my way home… 3 of them were 3 nights in a row… i don’t know what to think..

  • I had a very interesting day as I was on my way into town and had an owl fly in front of my truck. Then in the afternoon, there was a snowy owl on a telephone pole. I have had owls show up often but it had been quite a bit since the last sighting. I also witnessed a total of 7 shooting stars today. 5 this AM and 2 tonight. A pretty special day through and through. :grin:

  • The owls that are seen near your home are your Ancestors protecting you, a white owl specially is the known one as the warning of death in winter.
    during the spring time to summer it would be the great horn owl, if the owl talks to you (makes their sound) then that would be considered a warning of death
    another symbol in native culture is when the sky is pink, someone sick/ill will become deceased.

  • My 26 year old son passed away in Aug. do to overdose. I have been in such a depression. Always looking for a sign from him. The other day I was driving in the early morning about
    1 hr before sunrise. I was crying and asked my son for a sign to let me know he was with me. I came to a stop light turned on the country road. It wasn’t 10 seconds after I asked
    my son to give me a sign. To my left I saw a shadow come out of the woods and this large owl flew to my car, lowered himself in front of my car flying for several seconds in front
    of car and then flew off to my right. I was in awe. Have you heard of this before. Do you think it could be a sign or I am just looking to hard for a sign.

    • Diane, that was definitely your son. Read my totem on the Wasp I just wrote last night.

      When you are given a sign, especially when you asked, please do not doubt when it is given to you. I know our rational minds like to rationalize those things away, but realize that Spirit uses what is in the natural world to communicate with us in ways we can see and hear. Rest assured that was definitely him, he knows you have been having a hard time and he has been watching over you. I know it doesn’t take away the pain, but hopefully some comfort to know it was him.

    • Definitely your son. My best friend passed away October 9, 2014 from cancer. He was 36. My “big brother” for 18 years. I have been seeing owls quite a bit since he died. Close up and intense interactions. Owls are protectors of passed souls and Native American lore suggests that the owl is the animal able to connect with both the world of the living and the afterlife, bringing messages between the two. I’m finding a lot of comfort in a heartbreaking time knowing that my buddy is not only protected but sending messages in such a cool way. I have a whole new fascination with owls. Take comfort in your visitor, and I wish you peace.

    • my son passed away in nov. thanksgiving night to a over dose to I ask to have a sign me to have seen a owl two times and would hear them at night and in the morning. I hope it is the sign to. after reading your story, I know it has to be my son was 35 yrs old.

    • Hi there, was interested in your story. Firstly, without a doubt this is an intense sign with a message empowered by the immediacy of ten seconds and unusual flight pattern. This suggests your son’s most prominent spirit animal is an owl, as the immediate unlikely appearance is so directive. You should read about the beauty and magic of the owl. These are special, spiritually in tune people who have a strong owl in them. I think the context of the way he died is important to express some more details as it almost seems to do an injustice to the spirit of the owl to only describe the tragedy as ‘an overdose’. Do you know what context/how he died/what drug/whether he may have been suffering with highly debilitating pressures/depression/anxiety to risk this situation? It is not very owl like so is powerfully important. He may have a message for you to deduce. Please do reply, I hope I can provide some further insight and bring you some peace perhaps. Sarah x

  • I recently had the grate honor of nursing a african wood owl back to life and the love that bird pulled out of me when i looked into its eyes was amazing. I really love my dogs, kids, wife etc. but nothing felt like that. I found it on my trailer between some boxes when i drove to Zambia. Since i found it and fed it with a straw and eventually pieces of meat and chicken, he never once tried to bite me. It slept for a few days on my bed at my feet and eventually i could release it into the wild. The night i released it i heard another owl in the distance. I since have seen other owls and for some reason really love these birds. It must mean something in my life?

    Thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for sharing this. This has given much insight into myself. I’ve always known, but assuring. ❤️

  • I.ve been sencing and seeing Owl since earlier in the year in many shapes and form .and just a few days ago I was amazed to see what appeared to be an owl flying overhead in front of me as I turned into my neighbourhood. As I was driving the bird flew in a lazely manner just overhead in full view an close enough to see the heaviness and definition of it’s feathering. Whay really amazed me about this encounter was that this bird just seemed to fly in such a manner of prompting me to follow it- so I did for bit with the bird always stayimg in full view until it took a direction in which my car was unable to go. Just before visiting your sight this morning I had meditated and just at the very end of that meditation I saw a full image of an owl in a standing poisition- so I then thought why not go online and see what I could match up with my owl encounters. Well the rest was self explanatory for me after reading the caption in the box at the top of this page indicating listening to my inner voice, whatching for the signs that are guiding me forward and remembering what I already know from my life experiences thus far. Thank you OWL and thank you to this sight. Love and Light.

    • Hello, my name’s Rebecca, I would like to ask what other insights did you have, I had a similar experience on the 17th, @ approximately 6:30 pm. I mean very similar, on my way home, only I was on the passenger side and the outcome, well, I only feel comfortable sharing that part if you are interested, cause this was quite an experience that I feel has very powerful meaning. I alsi can apply the direct meanings of what I have been researching, but I feel that there is more to this message, and wound up here. With all respect and blessings, I wish the same love and light, and I my biggest surprise was how close this encounter was. On a spiritual level, I have no idea where your location is and it doesn’t really matter, but somehow you put into words so very close to my experience, and I was mesmerized, and apparently prompted towards here! So just reading your encounter was a trip, and thanks again to you, the owls, nature and our God above. Would love to hear more of your experience as well. :)

  • I was trimming a palm tree in my backyard and out flies what I thought at the time was a hawk. The next day I am watering my grass by the same trees and thought to look up and see if the hawk was in my tree again. The first time I looked and saw nothing. I looked again and saw these huge yellow eyes staring back at me. I have a ‘Great Horned Owl’ living in my tree. It leaves at dusk and has returned at dawn for the past two weeks. I feel so blessed to be graced by its presences and I believe that the owl means something to my life that is very personal and significant. Certainly, viewing it in such close proximity to my home makes me feel special. I am very thankful and hope that everyone would be so lucky to have this magnificent creature in their presences. PEACE

    • I became so excited about my Owl in my tree that I told some friends and one came by an viewed it Thursday last week. The next day the Owl did not return :sad: The ‘Great Horned Owl’ did not return for seven (7) days until I was cleaning my pool this morning and looked up in the palm tree and saw its silhouette! I believe that this is a sign of a deeper understanding of issue’s in my life. Clairvoyance, vision, and unmasking situations to reveal the truth! For this magnificent animal to return is everything I hoped and wished for. Again, to see this bird of prey so close to pick out the design of its plumage…………..WONDERFUL! To Rebecca………..I live in California, and I can tell you I am not one to write on websites, I could not stop myself from shouting-out this experience! PEACE

      • To JLIMOK… Thank you for the “shout out” (by the way, i get it! lol ) As I read it, it was neat to see a response cause i also am not one to post on websites, but instantly made me smile cause I often hear the hootin of owl conversations (between owls here in the swamp) and always feel so special to be involved in their talk! Hard to describe in words :) but for some reason this most recent experience was very different, n just so happened to lead me to this site, n well, here we are! :) I am in Florida. I am also hoping these close encounters will show me some special meanings as well, but just the experiences have been exceptional. I especially like how you saw the shadow, very cool. I just read a thing about “there is no shadow without sunshine”! And how you got your visits while u were trimming palm trees is really neat cause u would think they would fly away but they must of obviously approved and were watching, I do landscaping by trade and with much respect towards nature so I see as the owl was overseeing And approving by giving you even a glimpse of itself! How cool and I swear I could feel your sense of joy! Again, hard to explain in words, but I got it from how you put it! Thank you, n glad to know there’s others that appreciate such things! :) (P.S. as I was proofreading saw u said “silhouette not shadow, but anyways, I still get it, hope you know what I meant :) well, mostly, very cool, very special regardless!) Peace to you as well! :)

        • I have been seeing quite a few animals over the past few months. I have Owls come to my back yard a few times per month. I feel they are telling me something. I had a snake show up yesterday and a small Bird made it’s way into my home. Last month a Falcon showed up. Still trying to figure out what all this means. Here is a video of the owls. I have more videos of Owls so if you like the one you see just click my name for many more animals totem videos. I have videos of Fairies in my trees as well. Peace and God bless everyone.
          I hope this owl video makes your day. http://youtu.be/lLzso1w-1YM?list=UUo7Do3CPcdUgA42CSraMs2g :razz:

  • I keep hearing an owl at night, it must be very close outside. I’m going to look in the trees tomorrow to see if I can see him. I’m wondering what he’s trying to tell me?

  • I woke up this morning and went on with my normal activities and went outside for a couple minutes and there was a Snowy Owl sitting on the Dumpster not even 5 meters away and it stared right at me and was surrounded by Magpies. What does this mean everyone keeps telling me someone is going to die?

  • Maybe you can help me interpret my dream. The first dream I had was an owl flying above me, looking down at me. It looked like an barn owl, beautiful white face with light brown wings. I then tried to find this owl in my dream and as I reached it, it transformed into a black woman. The second dream which was about 2 weeks later, was the same. I was lying down and this same owl flew above me, looking at me. Your help would be appreciated. Txs

  • Hello… i had a dream of two owls last night. One gigantic great horned owl following me around and wanting attention the entire time. And a barn owl sitting on my shoulder purring in my ear(i dont why it would purr like my cats). They were both so friendly I couldn’t believe it. Can you tell me the possible meaning of my dream? Thanks so much!!!!

  • Hi, I dreamt about a giant owl saving me and a couple other people. We were in some kind of small enclosed playground. The owl asked for my soul, but I refused and for some reason it became hostile so I ran and escaped into a building full of demons. What could this mean?

    • You refused the owl carrying your spirit to heaven. The owl became hostile because it knew you were making a bad decision. Since owls can’t talk it was telling you best it could. But you freaked out and ran to hell. There’s it is.

  • I’ve always been very impacted by my dreams, they are so vivid and real. When I wake from some of my dreams I mourn the companion I had in them. That being said, I had a dream last night where I was walking in the woods late at night with enough moonlight for me to see. As I was walking I got swarmed by four owls. They dive towards me and frighten me one after another. When the last owl swoops towards me, I reach out and gently grab it. Not enough to bind it but instead of flying off it flopped in my grasp for a moment, repositioned itself and perched on my right arm. From then on, it was my companion. I was fascinated by its beauty. It was a beautiful snowy owl with a defined face similar to a barn owl. It would fly overhead as we walked or simply stay perched on my right shoulder. Everywhere I went it was there with me as a comfort and as a guide. It hated being inside though, and no matter where we went we couldn’t stay long as my companion grew restless and uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable that if I didn’t leave with it, it would be willing to leave without me. Fearing that I would be without it’s company, I always left before it came to that. The rest of the dream grew fuzzy and I only remember the owl flying over a deep and dark trench with metal beams that had uprooted or fallen. I don’t remember how it ended I only remember waking up feeling grief and sadness that I was alone and without it’s presence.

  • Last night I dream’t of flying in a very small, very open air plane kind of like a glider with my Father who passed away last year. We flew close over water and there were men jumping around as if playing in the water and there were so many white owls flying around and the guys were trying to catch them…and seem to be having fun. Then I woke up. Normally, my dreams never make sense, and I rarely pay attention to them. But this one is different. I feel this one is significant. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you

    • Hi Anne – if this were my dream, I would feel that I had been taken to another plane of existence, and was being shown that I have many, many opportunities in my life to gain inner wisdom and knowingness, and have fun doing so. Perhaps the opportunities having to do with expressing my emotions.

      • Dawn Thank you for your kind reply. In trying to sort out my dream, I am wondering if the part of my dream with my Father flying together over water along with all the white owls is a sign from my Dad to move on and that everything is going to be okay. His death was extremely difficult and I am in fact in limbo about moving and finding employment…etc. I had to quit my job a few years ago to take care of him. I see white owls as a very positive thing and seeing do many flying out if the water might represent the mulitude of possibilities ahead? As for the men jumping out if the water trying to catch them…hmmm could it mean someone is trying to interfere …or could it mean along with many opportunities…a man in my future as well? :-)

  • Hi my name Tara, it been three weeks now. The borrowing owl has been visiting me. When it come around me it make a sound so I can notice it. One day it was dancing in my parking lot @work when it saw me. Yesterday night I felt asleep for a few seconds, it so how made me see myself sleeping and woke me up. But I saw it through the owl eyes. Then it lead me to the owl and we made contact and it flew away. It’s weird but hard to explain. But their eyes are big and amazing to see through.

  • Hi There,
    I had a beautiful dream last night with an owl and some magpies.
    The magpies were swooping at different people and they seemed quite territorial.
    The owl appeared to be in a tree and then came and sat right next to me. He was beautiful and warm and friendly. He wanted me to take a photo of him and when I did, his face transformed in a little girl.
    Right at the end of the dream, a magpie was swooping towards me, it was dark and I couldnt see him very well. The next moment I knew, I had caught him btwn my legs.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    Much Love,

  • I met a woman today who was a clairvoyant. I’ve never had any readings and she wasn’t reading me, she just mentioned after we’d been talking for a while that I have a very large Owl with me and she thought it might be my animal spirit guide. She got goosebumps after she shared that with me. She also said there was a Black Panther which she said she did not know the meaning of. She said I should research on my own. I wonder how do I go about having a full animal-totem reading and how do I begin to understand what the meanings of these two creatures might be for me symbolically? PS:: The brief research I did today left me a bit speechless—many lifelong parallels.

  • I love all the information about the Owl They where back last night or morning Hours have 2 of them visiting for 3 days -Nights now Thank you will read this again. I feel there is an Area where I need to let go and trust. I often see through people and there motives and ways so I have a hard time trusting and it has been very frustrating since everywhere you and places you deal with wont to push and control and get your energy and money and time. WOW I never seen it this bad. So listening to what message they are bringing.

  • In a meditation I had the other day, I was shifting landscapes and wound up in a somewhat dark forest, but my visibility seemed unaffected. As I was walking through the forest, I was extremely conscious of a presence at my side, and looking down to my left, saw a grey wolf walking alongside me. It didn’t meet my gaze, but rather kept a calm, steady pace. As I looked up again, I saw a large great-horned owl sitting on the branch directly in front of me. It was gold and shined like gold does when exposed to sunlight, even though we seemed to be in the depths of the forest. We held each other’s stare for a really long time until I slipped out of my meditative state. Another time, I sat down and began to meditate again to better understand the meaning of the gold owl. This time, however, when the wolf brought me to the gold owl, it seemed a little shocked to see me and flew away. I, however, thought it peculiar and felt the presence of the owl still, so I concentrated my eyes on the space where the gold owl had previously sat. Soon, the top corner part of the owl’s head began to appear, and I realized it was hiding behind a sort of mirror or invisibility cloak, I guess. It eventually revealed itself fully and my meditation ended once again. What is really strange was the feeling as though I had taken the owl off-guard or as if I had somehow invaded its privacy originally, yet, once it peaked out from behind the mirror or cloak, there was a light humor to it, almost as if the owl was telling me “I knew you could do it.”

    I do see owls occasionally and they even appear in my dreams, but they always seem to be flying away. In seeing them fly away, I often feel a sense of farewell coupled with wonder. I’ve done my best to analyze and interpret, but would love to hear another’s interpretation.

    • Hello Tara: To understand more fully the meaning of your Golden Owl research the color Gold’s symbolism and combine it with the wisdom of Owl. Recognize that the presence of the Grey Wolf (The Teacher) is significant in this as well. My own instincts say that the playful elusiveness of the Golden Owl is a lesson to be learned with regards to manifesting the flow of supply that you desire in life.

  • I was sitting on my porch. I had a few beers but not enough to imagine this. I live in waaaay south texas. I see a white bird flying in the distance so I stand up and go to the rail of my balcony, it flies in my direction, white owl. Looks straight at me as it flies over the apartments above me. Never seen it before. Although I used to live a block away and we suspected an owl attacked my others chihuahua, he was all tore up, over two years ago. My mother swears it was an owl but i scoffed. I grew up touring pow wows, never paid attention to the meaning of an owl especially a white one but i know it happened for a reason, meaning?

    • Hello Tes: The Snowy Owl is suggesting it is time to get in touch with your own personal spirituality. This Owl is signifying a great change within you and an emerging gift of prophesy.

  • I had a dream I was killed by a drug dealer, then I was sitting watching traffic go past. A rabbit came and sat next me on my right. Then an owl on my left. The owl turned to me and said “everyday countless hairs are gained and lost on a man’s head. But a man’s head of hair can last a lifetime” I burst into tears, started fading away and then woke up. This dreams stuck with me for a while now

  • 3:00 am I was driving and in the middle of the road was a white owl hopping. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I got close to it with my lights shining on it. It hopped quite a ways then swooped off. I figured it just ate something and couldn’t fly right away. I was telling my husband about it when he told me he has only seen a white owl in our country once when he was a boy. He said he thought it symbolized something bad. I sure hope not.

    • I forgot to add that I hear one screech and sometimes howl at night for the past 2 weeks. Not every night but several times a week I hear one.

      • Hello Guidance: Snowy Owls carry the Owl energy with the added benefits of perfect timing in bridging the physical world and the spirit world. In other words, they know when to work from the physical plane and when to focus on the spiritual aspects. In your case I would say that the Owl is reminding you to stay balanced between the physical and the spiritual.

  • This morning while driving to work i stopped at a red light and after like a minute i looked to the left across the street there was a gas station and i saw on top of the roof on the right corner an owl standing stil all of a sudden it moved it’s head to the left , i looked to the left there was a second one all the way on the left corner of the roof .
    Than the light turned green and i had to go.

  • Hi. I had a strange dream last night. My father died 4 years ago and I keep dreaming of him – sometimes he tells me things I think are important, sometimes we are just doing mundane things together.
    Last night I dreamt that in we were in the house talking and doing everyday things and then I walked out and looked up. It was broad daylight and very warm and nice out and I saw a big, beautiful owl on the balcony of our home. She had one blue eye in the center and the feathers around the eye were black. She was very peaceful and stared calmly at me. I was happy to have seen it in my dream. What could this possibly mean? Thank you.

    • The owl is wisdom and clarity of vision. I am thinking that your message is that you need to communicate your wisdom and foresight. Share your knowledge.

  • I was very upset the other nigh. I was setting on my porch crying. An owl flew up and sit in the tree. Didnt think anything about it. Till the next night i go to pick up my son its sitting on the fence. I come back home and its sitting in the same spot on the fence. Im getting freaked out

    • Hello Misty; The Owl was letting you know that you must take the time to work out the why’s of your emotional turmoil. Only then can you heal the sadness within you.

  • Early morning 2am I woke to the conversations of from what I could decifer 3 owls. Each taking its turn to speak as if holding ceremonial court. This went on for a good 3 to 5 minutes then suddenly a fourth, from the tone younger and eager, joined. This newer member was just outside my window. I could hear it rustling in the branches. Then after an additional 3 minutes or so went by, more rustling in the branches , then complete silence.
    I felt quite honored to be witness to this sacred circle but a twinge guilty for eavesdropping.
    Perhaps I was wakened for more than just to hear the beauty of these magnificent creatures. I wonder, was I meant to be included?

    • Hello Tania: To hear the Owl is to hear new wisdom. Use your intuition when dealing with your friends and family. This is key to figuring out where they are coming from. Once you do that you will be able to use your inner wisdom to deal with them.

  • :smile: My Indian/healer name is Walking with White Owl.
    I got my name in meditation when I was practicing some of the Shaman healing techniques.
    I was with my spirit guide “Snowy” a male white Snowy Owl that used to land on my right shoulder.
    This meditation he landed on my left shoulder which meant to me he was more of a permanent totem animal guide.
    At this point, I turned into a snowy owl and flew with him into the gorgious sky.
    Then many other Snowy Owls came and flew with us.
    As we flew back he landed on my shoulder again and said ” I’m Walking with White Owl” and I knew this was my Indian/healer name.

    Owls have showed up at my house, followed me to my friends house… I love all Owl People.

    We still work together, but I have graduated. I will always look warmly/fondly in remembrance of my friend and guide “Snowy”
    I can still call him when needed.
    I am grateful to you “Snowy” for the path you led me on and all the guides since then.

    • Maybe you can tell me the meaning of this. I was driving over Douglas Pass in colorado in a blizzard. This was in the 90’s and came around a corner right at the top of the mountain. I had to slam on my brakes, I didn’t know wht they were at first. There were at least a hundred snowy owls fluttearing across the highway with one wing fully extended. They were as white as snow. Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I probably sat there for 5 min watching them. They were just beautiful. I have been over that pass a hundred times, never seen anything but elk. I have seen many owls but to see this many snow owls was once in a life time expierience. I have never forgot this and have told many people about this. I really think there is some meaning to seeing all of these beautiful snowy owls. Maybe you can give me some thoughts on this. Thank you !

  • i nor my boyfreind had never seen an owl before today .. ok so just lastnight me and my boyfreind where walking our dogs and we walked into this ally in between to big stores ,and he was busy tieing his shoe and out of no where this owl flew on top the building it seriously had a wing spand of at least 4 1/2 to 5 feet .it was white but had little horns i live in lakewood colorado.anyway it just stared at me.so i told my bf to look at it .he couldnt believe it he wanted me to take a picture so i grabbed out my phone,but it died so i was turning it back on and before i could even get the phone back on i looked up as he was flying away the same way he came from..and then i looked back at my phone and the time was 11:11i found this weird beings if you ever see tht time its when an angel is watching.i need some one elses opinion on why it was there?

    • Hello Chantel: I would not be surprised that you Owl is an Angel bringing you the message that an energetic gateway is now open to you that is rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. The Owl is letting you know that you have to choose your thoughts wisely at this time and ensure that they match your desires. Don’t put any energy thinking about the things you are afraid of or you may just manifest them.

  • I would like to share an experience that I had just last night. I went down to a lake close to my home, and was laying on a dock watching the stars. I hadn’t been laying there for probably 5 minutes when I sensed movement coming from my right. To my amazement a horned owl landed maybe four feet from me. When he landed I thought maybe it had not seen me, but then I watched it look straight at me.
    I lay there on the dock watching the owl watch me for about 20 minutes straight when a vehicle pulled in and someone got out walked around the car and climbed back in. The owl only slightly paid attention to the person and turned its sights back on me. I laid there for another 15 minutes with this magnificent creature looking at me like a long lost friend.
    My girlfriend then showed up and walked with in about 10 feet of my new friend before it took flight and couldn’t have been more than 18″ above my chest and face as it flew off into the night. I have lived in the wilderness all my life and never felt such a strange connection with an animal.
    So what is your opinion on this?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Hello Eric: Pay special attention to the quotation box on this page for clues as to the direction Owl is nudging you. I believe in your case the Owl is letting you know it’s time to let something go in your past, so that you can clearly see your next step on your life path.

  • Hello i also have a question and a story similar to the other person. I have actually encountered the same burrowing owl on a regular basis at the same exact spot. The first time i had to walk home from work which is about 4 miles! But i was walking and something made me turn to the side and not 3 feet away from me was a burrowing owl perched on a fence. It wasnt scared and it wasnt making any aggresive gestures. It just stared at me and we locked eyes for a long time before i kinda got scared and walked away. But almost everyday after that i would see it at that same spot. I actually quit my job to pursue something more spiritual and my Question was does the owl have any connection to Music? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Robert: Read the first two paragraphs (especially the second) of this page. It’s time to let go of the things that no longer serve you and move forward toward a reality that i more suited toward manifesting your dreams. Owls are more about silence and listening to our inner voice rather than music.

  • Silken Raven, perhaps you could provide me with some insight as to what this dream means. I envisioned an owl inside a house that shook its wings so fast that it created an image of two angels facing each other, blowing into trumpets. This was a haunting dream, and the owl is one that I have been seeing in real life quite frequently. It flies around the outside of my house sometimes, and the night before my dream it had jumped in front of my car pacing back and forth just as I was exiting my neighborhood. Since this dream and my several encounters, I have been fascinated; hence, why I am here reading about the owl. Any ideas?

    • Hello Jeffrey: What an amazing dream! Houses in your dreams usually are representative of yourself. When you combine that with the Owl (inner vision and voice) manifesting the vision of trumpeting angels I would say that the dream is letting you know that you are on the verge of a massive breakthrough in your emotional and spiritual growth.

  • I had a dream last night that I was with a playful, cute, happy owl. It was such a feel good dream. I was I think at a beach and I was able to rub this owls belly, it was like we were laughing and romping together. Any ideas what this meant?

    • Hello Sandra: I believe the Owl in your dream is a symbol of new wisdom and the knowledge that you have transformed certain negative behaviors from the past into something that brings you closer to your life purpose.

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