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Orca – Killer Whale

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Get in touch with your natural environment. This is where you will find balance, peace and inner strength.

If Orca has swam across your path;

You are being asked to get in touch with your inner self through meditation and soul searching. All the knowledge you require for yourself and for the future is contained within your soul and it’s inner guidance. You must learn to trust your instincts, and allow your personal power to come forth. Going inward at this time is the only way in which you will be able to move forward at this time. You need depth of self understanding along with a clear intention in order to attain your current goal.

If Orca is your Animal Totem;

You are highly intelligent with great learning abilities. You never make the same mistake twice! This, along with your adaptability, enables you to take on the most challenging of assignments and projects in life because you always know that you will be capable of learning whatever it is you need to learn in order to succeed. You are know how to use your voice to get what you want in life and you are always closely connected with your inner self. You know how to stay on track with your life path.

If Orca has come into your Dream;

To see an Orca or Killer Whale in your dream indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. Step up and speak up. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes spiritual guidance. It is letting your know that you are ready to confront your emotions by making the connection between your conscious and subconscious aspects of the self.

Additional Associations for Orca…

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34 Responses to Orca – Killer Whale

  • To all the people who feel they belong with these whales, it is possible that you have switched from whale soul to human on life’s evolutionary path. The longing, the memory, the dreams indicate past life memories. Whales and dolphins, like humans choose to be reborn to experience life again.

    Seeking my spirirt animal and enjoying reading others experiences. What a beautiful world!! Love & light :) Jess

  • In my dream I transfigured multiple times between orca and human, not sure how to interpret this. 1st time orcas appeared in my dream

  • In my dream last night, I was back in my hometown where we have a basin that flows out to the Bay of Fundy. I was showing my fiance around town, and we had taken a tiny boat in the basin. It flipped, luckily we had flotation devices attached to us. So we started to swim toward shore. All I could think was, sharks are going to be attracted to us (there are no sharks in the basin that I am aware of), we float up to the side of what I think is a sunken ship (strange) and hold on to the side to rest. Out of nowhere an orca comes up to the surface right next to us. Spy hopping in and out of the water, checking out what we are. Then, three more come to the surface, and are circling us. I am a little fearful, I have heard that an orca has grabbed it’s trainer by the foot and dragged them under (I despise that they are still in captivity). But they showed no harm to us, only curiosity and playfulness. We floated and watched them, when one came right up to us and allowed us to touch her on the head. She had a young calf who had no real interest in us, only what the other orcas where doing. This dream went on for quite sometime, with us floating and watching them. Sadly near the end, they all went under and came up before swimming away. What was sad, they had black oil coming out of their mouths. I tried to wipe it off one of them, but then they swam away and I woke up. Our magical beasts are and have been in danger, I think this is what my dream represented. I have had many dreams with them. One in particular I am at my cottage on a lake, watching fish swim under my dock and come out as orcas on the other side. Magical.

  • I had a dream tonight about an orca.

    I was standing in the audience of a water show and a trainer was telling people that the orca was about to show up. The trainer’s younger brother (just a child) was there too and he didn’t listen to his older brother and so he didn’t get out of the pool. A trapdoor (circular/spiral) in the bottom of the pool opened up and the orca came through it. She went directly to the younger brother and took a bite from his right foot, biting his toes off. As a punishment, some security guys pulled the orca to land, up the stairs that divided the audience seats, to a platform above and behind the audience seats and they killed it. Everyone in the audience got blood on their faces and clothes. Two young women ran towards and then past me, very scared, one was black, the other was white but they had the exact same hairstyle and they ran with their arms as interwined as human arms can be. I looked to my left shoulder and i had blood on it and I looked to my right shoulder and I had blood on it too. I was a wearing a pink woolen sweater.

  • I had a dream not so long ago where I was with friends on this raft that seemed to deteriorate amd get thinner and thinner until where I say was no more than a coat and I fell deep underwater, way out in the middle of the ocean and everything was clear until a pod of orcas came towards me I was calm but uncertain how they’d react to me they swam past and then a minute later a pod of dolphins swam past me too when I was alone in the ocean again I looked to my left and there was a massive wall of rock and on each rock that stuck out was a wild animal such as an elephant and a giraffe and I’m not sure what this means because this was still under water and I could breathe and so could the elephants giraffes and lions

  • Last week I had two odd dreams within days of each other. The first dream was of me milking a venomous snake with large fangs of its venom into a jar. I was not afraid. Two days later, I dreamed of standing in a nondescript place and this orca kept leaping into the air over and over and over, splashing me with water over and over and over. I was very intrigued by the dream and the fact that I’d been dreaming a lot about animals and also forms of water. It is all very exciting and odd for me.

  • Thank you for this article and allowing people to respond.

    I didn’t want to respond at first. But when I did it brought me to deeper (self) realizations. I guess that’s just how Orca works when you respond to its call.

    May you also continue to listen to your deep inner call to soothe the same calls in the souls of others!

  • I have had dreams of or as for a year now. The first one I was in a building and was searching for something/being drawn to something and entered a room with a large pool in it..the shape of a jelly bean. In the pool of water was a female Orca. As I walked from one side of the room to the other she followed me making eye contact the whole time. I was frightened. I felt that if I got in the water she would take me under.( im not sure if I feel fear of death or fear of unknown.) I hide partially behind a tile pillar but still holding the eye contact. And then out of no where a little girl in white with white soft hair and glow placed her small cool hand on my forearm and said in a voice so soft I wondered if she had spoke in my mind. ” Its time” and its as if I knew that it was and I was afraid and the pull to the orca was so strong. Then I woke up. Any ideas? They all havr this feel to them… real but not… memory but not.

  • I just had a dream of an orca being hacked to death on a boat.
    It was rather disturbing

    • Don’t play weak and small, when those who threaten your space, pull on the majestic qualities of the Orca that you are too “decent” to embody.

      The Orca is a symbol of Yin and Yang principle of life – that being said we all have light and darkness in us.

      How you use either light or dark to draw power from is up to you. And sometimes what you perceive as “dark”, by being too decent and ashamed to stand up to people “bullying” you for example, is actually a warrior trait of Light. Putting the shadows in their place. Never be ashamed to stand up against injustice. Because that is maybe just what the overall yin-yang balance need to be restored in the Universe.

      • Thanks you for this. Yes, the Orca in fact represent the balance as does all dolphin species who live in the realms of both air and water, the two never meeting or mixing but always in balance with each other. this is reflected in my peoples teachings of the thunderbird and the water panther. Orca is only one of a few beings with both white and dark markings. teaching us of the balance of light and dark. Similarly, my west coast peoples who I honour, since I was gifted with my medicine(Haw’t sa’ we) or Dolphin, or Orca)by a west coast elder, have a similar story of the thunderbird and the orca locked in battle, good forces opposing bad, creating balance in all things…all is as it should be. we cannot control any outcome, as the elders have taught me that the outcome has already been decided. It does not mean we do not attempt to use our will to make change. It is the will that created or manifests out destiny. fate cannot be controlled but destiny can be manifested.
        great peace, Meegwetch, n’aho!

  • I have loved orcas since I was a child. I grew up watching free willy three times a day, every day. I still love them, I literally cannot watch a video of an orca without tears in my eyes. I respect them more than humans I think. I don’t know anything about totem animals or how one would determine what your totem animal is… But I keep having reoccurring dreams about orcas. It’s always the same dream, in this dream it looks like I’m on the west coast of Canada but I know I’m not. I’m walking along lake ontario (funny I know) and all the sudden a pod of orcas surface right along the beach, I think they are rubbing on stones on something. I run out like knee high into the water and I’m completely beside myself, I can’t believe its happening. I don’t touch the whales but at some points I’m pretty much swimming with them and this goes on for a while until they swim off or I wake up. I’ve had this dream several times in the past year and I can’t make sense of it. It’s obvious I love orcas but does it have a deeper meaning? I feel like they call to me, I don’t know how to describe it but I’ve never felt so much passion for something I’ve never really seen or felt before. I have tears in my eyes just writing about it. I would love some insight, or guidance on how one determines what their totem or spirit animal is. Thank you!

    • Hi, with honour and respect I ask you- why is the Orca so precious but the fly that you kill without thinking is less precious?
      There are many ways to know your totems, but you are born into a clan. The totem is often, as in my case given to you by your elders, but if you read the book “Animal speak” By Ted Andrews, it will direct you to how to find your spirit guides. I am now an elder, and I believe that Orca is likely one of yours. a good indicator is if you feel a special connection to a certain animal, and even if you display its traits, such as with orca, you might be a great swimmer(?) There usually is a main totem or guide and sub totems or sub guides. we have guides because we are many times lacking the qualities that the totem animal posses, and thats why they are our great teachers. The greatest responsibility that must be LIVED in totality, is the understanding that all beings suffer. not just the orca, but the fly, the tree, the grass, and that there is no special hierarchy of one creature being of more worth than another, and yes this even means horse flies and dear flies and mosquitos. However, Natural law exists and we have the right to self defense. This means if a mosquito attempts to injure me by biting me, it is self-defence to kill it. But I no longer get any joy in killing a mosquito. :smile:

  • This happened to me too and I initially feared the Orcas because I could feel their immense power and it scared (and excited) me, especially in those dreams where I had close contact or was in the water with them. I had a breakthrough in one dram where there was a massive male orca and he was kind of my protector and made me feel safer. He let me ride on him and lay on his belly while he floated on his back. I got this overwhelming feeling that he was slightly amused by my fear and was trying to communicate that even though he could easily drown/kill me, he would never do that and would actually help me if I was in trouble. Gentle giant is the phrase that comes to mind. Once I reached that point, I felt great joy and elation whenever I dreamed of orcas, although I haven’t met that same orca since… By the way, my main totem/spirit animal is the owl, so I initially felt resistant to accepting another spirit animal guide too. We have more than one and they guide us in different areas of our lives. Having an orca visit you in dreams is a huge honor and if it’s any comfort, the fear you might be feeling, might be coming from the water (which symbolizes life), rather than from the orcas.

  • They’ve always appeared in my dream as a child growing up , and its been on and off . Now the Orcas back .. would you consider this my totem? .. as a child i was memorized by marine life and when i finally had learned about this animal its kind of made its appearance in my life more then once in many different ways aside from the dreams.

  • I was 13 when I started to know my spirit totem as Orca after an eye opening trip to Marine Land with my school. I had seen the movie Free Willy several times when I was a child but I didn’t know very much about them or the extent of their struggles. When I cam back I was crazy about marine life and I wanted to do everything I could to protect them and their habitat. I wrote a research paper on it for a class assignment and I know I spoke about it more then many wanted to hear. It was difficult to get people to care when they didn’t live near the ocean or felt they had no real impact on environmental change. For me though it was very personal.
    In my high school art class I painted a picture of a beta fish in a bowl that was too scared to come out and face the open waters. High school was a very difficult time for me and I battled with a constant deep sadness.
    I fought to find myself again in college and was rewarded with dreams of flying across Canada as a bird to the west coast like I was migrating home. In my dream I reached a cliff and did a running jump off of it. At first I thought I was falling and I was afraid as I approached a layer of mist and fog then somewhere in there I started to dive and as I breached the water I was finally at home in my element. The ocean was filled with light and colour and I could see everything.
    In later dreams I made similar journeys to the Pacific and once an Orca showed me large painting of his ancestors on a rock face. I had the sense he was teaching me how to learn from my family’s past to create a better future for myself. Not long after that (I was 23 by this time) I went on a trip to Vancouver and I saw a painting with that same image at a street market while I was there. I didn’t purchase it, I already had such an image permanently etched in my mind and some else may have needed it more than I.

    This is my honest story of the Orca -a creature of communication, curiosity and playfulness. I hope it speaks to you.

    • I’ve got a question: Do you feel like you need to go somewhere? Like a longing to find where you need to be still?

      • You have me intrigued… I am seriously starting to think I have left something behind and feel as though my being belongs somewhere else greater. My every day thought is about Orcas and their pods…especially J pods, my dreams are so in depth that when I swim with them they talk to me with vocal expressions and its always in the same bay in Johnstone strait Canada…I went there last year out of luck when I won a holiday to go see the rockies and got lucky to extend my trip. I remember saying to myself so many times I need to go to Johnstone Strait. The place was calling me…I did a kayak tour down Johnstone Strait and I feel that what I felt on the water was beyond my spirit calling. I still to this day have NEVER even seen an Orca however since I was a young age could not stop thinking about them. I now feel as though my life will be made when I first see an Orca. :sad:

  • I had a dream, where I was sitting peacefully on a pier. An orca came out of the water and lef me touch it’s snout. When I was young, I loved orcas, but grew out of it with age. This dream happened last night àfter some meditation. It was interesting to experience, and my over all expression was awe of the raw beauty of it. I often wonder what it will take to move towards a better future, but something about that dream told me there is a way that I am heading towards, even though it’s all unkown to me. ❗

    • So it means your deep inner self is going to come to the surface. It might be beautiful to you, but not to those in the world who do not appreciate true beauty.

      It is tragic seeing a whale stranded, maybe sometimes it is best to go within, than always sharimg with a world which is not understanding

      Maybe it is about going on a Solo journey and Finding yourself, in attempt to love thyself and make peace with the self in the glory of thyself.

      And doing it gracefully so, that others would consider you a leader for conquering the self in solitude which they fear.

      I know whales travel in pods but there is a solitary aspect to them… especially when they get stranded alone and die alone. I believe this type of spiritual tramsition can be accomplished only by the self.

      • Sorry for the typos: the two words “sharing and transition”. I believe that is the whale totem’s main purpose – challenging people to reach the deep reserves of their souls to become the strong and invincible person they deeply wish to be.

  • Hello,
    I came here to read comments to get a better understanding of why killer whales are in my dreams. I do not think they are my spirit animal. I feel a wolf is my spirit animal.
    The dreams I have had about killer whales frighten me.
    In one dream I am in a newly contructed buliding being built and I am looking down at the ocean that is underneath me and in the water are couple of whales swimming around aggresively. In my dream I am in shock.
    My other dream I am on a tall bridge highway in a car driving and below me is the ocean. I can see killer whales swimming. Again ,in my dream I am frieghtened.
    My other dream I am in a nature like area where it appears to look like a pool. The water is blue in color and I see killer whales coming. Im feeling a force like energy wanting to push me into the water and I am so scared because the killer whales are real close by. Im scared their going to get me.
    Well those are my dreams. I think their neat creatures.
    They are the wolves of the sea. I dont understand them. I not very excited to see them in my dreams. Im thinking that I hope I dont dream them anymore because I dont like the anxiety it gives me when Im dreaming of them.
    Thats all.
    Just wish I knew why.

    • Hey, as a prophetess of the Lord, sounds to me that you have rejected your spirit totem.
      3 times the Lord has let you know that he is the source of all that is good and powerful as well as plentyful in the land and three times you have rejected the possibility. By rejecting the whales instead of communicating with them. Do you read your Bible? IN the Beginning the first thing God ever created was the whale. They belong here and God communicates through them. Embrace them and ask them what do they want from you? Sounds to me that you have fear issues, and the Creator of this Universe Love=THe Love of the Most High God, cast out all fear. Trust that he has you and let your Totems help you through this Process you will be glad you did. Then you will not only trust the animals you will respect all that God made:).

      Heads up, most of us have more than one totem, they come at different levels of spiritual maturity in our lives.

      Take care.

      • You gave an excellent answer on this site. It takes time and a very precise course of study to stand in your type of spiritual knowledge with real confidence. Within the context of Americam culture it can be a very long slow process.

      • First off christianity has absolutely NOTHING to do with animal totems. Second you are a fool for calling yourself a prophetess of the lord, it sounds like you need to respect the boundaries of paganism because I am an active pagan, a 2nd degree arch druid. With that being said please kindly buzz off with your non-sense

        • I believe that everyone has the right to practice their own spirituality in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to practice your own personal beliefs. I believe that this world is about learning unconditional acceptance, and by embracing that, we will all grow into our full potential.

    • I had the same dreamdream awhile ago about being in a newly built building with but with lots of windows. There was an ocean surrounding the building and orcas swimming everywhere but i jumped right in and swam with them. I wasnt frightened at all. Then last night i had another dream about them but i was at a beach and i didnt get in the water but they washed ashore and went back in the water, washed ashore again and went back in again. They did it a few times after that, almost like they were trying to get me to swim with them. I know this means something but idk what!? 😛

    • Everybody seems to feel a force pulling them with the Orca totem.

      Maybe you are feeling yourself being pulled by your Deeper or Higher Self.

      And maybe you are afraid of your Higher Self, symbolized by the water and creatures of Depth, that you perceive as Death and a Threat.

      Maybe you should make peace with yourself, and use your destructive or Dark Qualities for a greater purpose. But don’t mistake masculine and strong qualities as something evil and weak to be despised.

      You are afraid to be powerful, to join the wolves of the sea, why? Embrace your power.

      As my dad taught us when deep sea fishing and swimming in the Ocean: Respect the sea and it shall respect you. Furthermore it also goes to say: respect the laws of Nature which includes Yin and Yang, it might just save you!!

    • Wolf-represents Humility and Compassion. The wolves haunting howl represents the “calling” to walk the red road or the spiritual journey. Wolf is one of the most gentle beings on earth, and is known to my people as being the one who teaches us to live peacefully among ourselves.

  • I’ve had reoccurring dreams about killer killer whales for years and only just decided to find out what the dreams meant. I’ve always thought they were beautiful creatures but never thought about them enough to justify why I dreamt about them so often so that’s why I believe orcas are my spirit animal.

    • A Dream about an Orca is usually a call from either Beyond or your Deep Inner self to awaken the deeper spiritual self, especially when it is needed in Warrior Mode of everyday life.

  • I have always loved orcas since I was a little girl, I even got an orca tattooed on me when I was 18.
    About a year ago I had a dream that I was a killer whale swimming in a pod of killer whales. I was able to communicate with them and everything. It was amazing. That was a confirmation that orcas are my spirit animal

  • Ever since I was 6 I’ve always been fasinated with orcas. I can’t believe they’re my totem. It’s all me. Even the dreams. I believe I’m adaptable, intellegent, creative and such. I know I need to be more social. Amazing, my favorite animal is my totem.

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