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An issue that has been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is ingenious, creative and a happy surprise for you.

If Moth has flown across your path;

Moth is the master of disguise and is reminding you to be aware that you could be hiding from yourself. Are you using your emotions to keep yourself hidden from others? Is it time that you transform your emotional energy away from drama and into something closer to your heart? Have faith in your journey and trust that although things seem to be complicated right now – you will eventually see the light. Use your heart to guide you.

If Moth is your Animal Totem;

You are the most optimistic of souls! You can find the silver lining in every crisis, the light in any darkness and the love in any frustration. Your ability to seek out the positive in any situation makes you a good listener for your peers, a great peer counselor and advice giver, as well as highly sought after as a friend. You are popular, generous with your attention and understand the subtleties of the way the universe works around you. You have a gift for attracting what you need in life and have very little difficulty moving through life changes and transformations. You find joy in rituals and dance. You also know how to use your intuition and have a great deal of psychic awareness.

If Moth has come into your Dream;

If Moth has flown into your dream it is generally a notice for you to pay attention to the minor details and take care not to overlook things. It may also be suggesting that some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. Alternatively the Moth could symbolize your weaknesses, character flaws and the fragile state you are currently in. It is putting you on notice that you need to step back and take time to heal before moving forward.

Additional Associations for Moth…

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Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Moth was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Moth is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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109 Responses to Moth

  • Well, this all may sound weird but here it goes. I have a very strong intuition, meaning I can kind of sence things. For example, my friend has anxiety, and sometimes my stomack will just feel terrible and i immediatly know something is wrong. On several occasions I have found out that at the same time I felt like that she was having a panic attack. Basically, when I feel something in my gut its right. So a while ago I saw two moths. One was white, and the other was black. The white one was on a step on my stairs, and i almost blindly stepped on the stairs but I hesitated. When i looked down I saw that I was very close to stepping on it. Usually the departure of a bug doesn’t matter to me, but there was something about it. I looked closer and put my hand out next to it. It crawled on my hand! Moths have neve done that with me. I sat down with the moth still on my hand and it filled me with this, peace. After sitting there for about twenty minutes looking at it, I set it carfully down on my door window with a perfect ledge. I looked at it one last time and realised next to it was another moth, but this one was black. I went to greet it, hoping that it would do the same as the white moth and crawl on my hand, but quickly it flew up and went to the giant light above my head startleling me, and franticly bashed against it again and again. I do know moths are attracted to the light, but it was unsettling to see for some reason. Now, just last night, I was going downstairs to get a drink of water, and noticed something frantically moving on the floor. From closer inspection, I realised that it was a black moth. It was moving all over the floor trying to escape, and something in my gut didn’t like it at all. I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t. I became crazed. It just kept moving on the floor, charging at me, moving on the floor, charging at me, i even felt it glaze against my skin a couple of times. I probably looked insane, watching and dodging a moth for about 40 minutes. Finally, I took a bowl and trapped it. Somehow it got out and i trapped it again, but this time its wing got caught, which even though the thing was driving me insane i still felt bad about. Without thinking or hesitating I got plastic wrap, quickly put it over the bowl and put a rubber band around it. Then i took a toothpick and poked lots of holes in it. It still never rested. Its like I can still hear the wings flapping around in the bowl. At this point i would let it outside, but I was almost scarred to put it out into the world, almost like this tiny moth would come right back at me. So I just watched it, trying to deside what to do. During this I looked down at the ground and saw something. It was a white moth. A dead, white moth. Do keep in mind that I rarley see moths in this house hold at all, but here they are, two of them, one in a container flapping away never resting, another on the ground dead, filling me with sadness for reasons unknown. I felt so bad for the moth I had trapped, but I couldn’t bring myself to let him out. I put a couple of drops of water through one hole, I wasn’t really sure how to care for a moth. I left it there overnight trying not to think about it, and in the morning, it was gone. No openings in the container, no possible escapes, my mom said she didn’t touch it. I also searched the floor for the white moth, and found a single white wing. This convince me I wasn’t hallucinating, which I don’t know if I’m happy about or not. What does all this mean? Sorry this was so long.

  • My cat who was very very special to me died september 2014, I still miss her so much and today a friend brought up my Luna and so of course I started thinking about her and began to tear up a little, i went to the bathroom to wash my face and a little moth landed on my finger, so naturally i took out my phone to get a picture because why not, and i told my friend who said “thats funny, maybe its a sign from luna” and just now i was going through pictures of luna and i found one that looks exactly the same as the one i took with the moth on my finger. i was standing in the bathroom and luna had reached up with her front paws on my leg and i took the picture from the top angle, you can see my hand with white nail polish by my side, luna holding onto my leg looking up at me and the background is the bathroom tiles. and in the moth picture, you could see the same position (even the same nail polish which is funny because i usually wear nude colours but i ran out so i applied white a few weeks ago) except luna wasnt there, and there was a moth on my thumb. if i could post pictures i would show it, so now im just researching moths and hoping someone will tell what i wanna hear hahaha

  • My uncle died three days ago. Today when we’re were moving belongings, I found a wooly bear caterpillar just as I was about to step on him. He should be frozen solid right now, but he’s up and moving as if winter never hit. He will turn into an Isabella tiger moth, and it’s funny cause he looks like my uncles moostash. I don’t know what to do, so I took him home. I set up a nice tank for him with spinach and herbs in there. I want him to pupate, then I’ll set him free again. I don’t know why, but I saw him, and immediately I was attached.

  • I had a dream my bf started collecting moths and personally I’m scared of them and think their faces are just not appealing. They would start flying around and just everywhere . Every time I saw one I would scream and tell him to get it. What does that mean?

  • Love this. I’ve had various experiences with moths. Big ones. i’ve had the oportunity to have them climb onto my hand. Just the other day a beautiful gaudy sphinx moth was waiting for me at my front door when I opened it in the morning. 😳

  • Woke up around 6:30 decided to turn on music videos. Something that I haven’t done in years because evil controls the airwaves. Anyway I took a huge step in my life by leaving my job and enrolled in truck driving. Leaps of faith. As I’m watching these mind Controling videos I can’t help but notice there are moths present in everyone. What does this mean?????

  • I woke up around 6:30am and I felt something crawling on my arm I lifted the blanket and a white moth flew out. Is that suppose to mean something.

  • I’m surprised yesterday night when i came home from duty when two moth landed first on my chest then flew & landed on my dresser. At first i didn’t noticed that they are mating until i stared on them. They are in two different colors, one is brown & the other one is white. I’m just curious about what message they want to relay on me as this is the first time i saw a mating moth. Could anyone interpret the exact message these two moth wants to convey on me? Ur ideas & comments are very much welcome. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this website . I love it and refer to your work often when animals cross my path to find the meaning of this experience . JUST now out of nowhere , I saw my cat Cinnamon fly across the room as I was on my laptop typing ( actually on facebook ) and he jumped on top of the fireplace !!! HE does that at times , yet I realized , there was something fluttering , and he was trying to play or catch , which I thought must be a bug , I have been in the house for quite awhile no doors or windows opened for awhile ,so i thought this is odd, I got up from the sofa and pushed the laptop aside and on to the top of the fireplace there is a corner shelft with family pictures and i have candles , and also; soft twinklng lights wrapped around everything and over the inside of the windows too , so when I looked there was this very frightened , fluttering , tanish , soft ,smallish moth , I was asounded it really caught my eye , and I got my cat down from the shelf as he was definitely attempting to catch it , something made me feel so much like I wanted to protect it , it was swirling around , and around in these lights so i ran to the kitchen to get a paper cup , and came back i attempted to catch it in the cup , i did but it flew out, i tried to open the front door and said ..come here mr.moth ,this is the way out , it of course flew all around not towards the door , i could not leave the door al the way open as my cat would get out , so I closed the door and ran back to the kitchen to get antother plastic cup so now i had two , but i could not find the moth , so I sat down on the sofa and started sharing with my friend what happened, i had said prior , be gone for a few minute ,trying to save a moth, and when i went back i said , could not catch it and now cant find it and out of nowhere i saw it just on the side of the fireplace , it looks so peaceful ,it was tanish and small not large , yet something about it grabbed my attention more than ever I had the two plastic cups and I was able to catch it in one and put the other cup over the top , it was really trying to get out , I kept saying please stay in inside , little moth , becuase soon you can fly free , i made it to the door ,with my cat keeping a watchful eye on me ,and the moth,it was like , he was not pleaseed i did this lol , i put the two small cups on the group right in front of my front door (which was still slightly ajar ) and when the two cups hit the ground out ,came the moth , it was like he was looking around , about to say , what happened ,where am i now , I quickly closed the door so he would not return inside and i saw the moth ,fluttering his wings and almost look up at me, truly that was a unique moth expereince i felt like the moth and i were communicating , like he wanted to hang out here , i came back to my laptop and my friend ,was still there in our chat and I said I am so happy I saved the Moth, hes outside and i saved him , caught in inside the two cups and now he is flying free..she said ..YESSS You are a moth savior !!! How cool is that …when I was out for a walk about two hours ago, I was talking to spirit , I said holy spirit , can you please give me some signs , about a atracting , and manifesting a loving romantic relationship ,can you plesae send me messages i can hear or see , so I can understand that , this is on its way and could you do the same for him ,so that when we meet , each other , we will both know that , I am the one for him and he is the one for me to share our lives and that we are divinely guided to do so , can you please holy spirit , send these messages to ensure me ,that this is coming and that when my partner appears to me , that I will know for sure , and he will no for sure AND then this happend just now ..I truly feel this is a important message for me , and I feel validated thru this wonderful moth that came to visit me inside my house tonight , and I feel so wonderful and good that I caught this moth and it lived and i was able to get it outside to fly freeely , yet i was feeling that the moth wanted to stay inside and hang out , just saying that now i am wondering if I will get to see it again , thank you any feedback would be wonderful and I would be thrilled . xo Sending light and love to you and eveyrone on this thread xo and to my moth

  • Hello! Recently I’ve noticed this little “Flock” of moths in the front yard. This morning I walked out to go have breakfast and they all fluttered around in front of the big living room window. I’ve also noticed the same moths landing on different windows in the house but not necessarily coming inside. Anyone have any idea of what this could mean? It’s been going on for a few days now if not a week and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s noticed it.

  • I had five in the shower last night, one by one they flew straight for the water, and went down. I’m sure what’s to come will certainly be interesting.
    The message at the top for me today was:

    What has been hidden from you will now be revealed. Pay attention!


    So, pay attention is exactly what I will do. :)

  • OK I have a question. For the last couple of nights. I have come across some moths in my room. To be honest I am not afraid of them but am if I have to go to sleep. Last night my husband killed 2 in our bedroom. Tonight I found 5 new ones. I hAve been in my room all day as we are getting ready to move. What can this mean? I know it means something, I feel it but what??

  • Last night I dreamed that I saw a lot of dead moths lying on the ground. I was picking them up, one by one, so that I could put them away somewhere where no one would tread on them – maybe under a bush in the garden. Somewhere suitable for little moth bodies to lie undisturbed until they become one with the earth again. They were all small light-coloured moths. There was also a baby, which my sister took away. (We are both in our fifties and childless.) I told a friend that was there that my partner and I had chosen not to have children but that I had health problems that would have made conception difficult or impossible anyway. (This is true also.)

    The quote I got at the top of the page was telling me to expect fortune: good news, which could be the healing of a strained relationship, a resolved health issue, a new job, a new financial resource, money etc. If I have a dream of dead moths, does this mean that I am facing the opposite of good fortune?

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