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Use your instincts, but be careful not to reveal confidences, spill secrets, or break trusts.

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If Lynx has come prowling down your path:

Know that things are not exactly what they appear to be. Use discernment to peel back the layers of deception and see things for what they really are. Look through, rather than right at, the object of your attention. Trust this cat to let you see the truth of the matter.

Alternatively this Big Cat is telling you to wake up and smell the roses! You are being deceived by someone and that someone is most likely yourself. Look to see where you are deluding yourself with your beliefs. Take the time to analyze the truth of what you believe and reconsider what you value within it.

This animal also encourages you to be more playful and flexible in your life. She also pushes you to reach out for more opportunities, break out of our molds, and change our routines. Lynx is about developing our abilities to see the unseen and silent aspects of our inner selves. Discerning truth when faced with adversity.

If Lynx is your Animal Totem:

The this Big Cat is your animal totem then you are a very patient person. You know how to wait for exactly the right moment to pounce. People love to bring you their secrets because they know you  have the ability to keep a secret. Sometimes other people are uncomfortable around you because they know that you see through their little dramas and acts. You have learned to trust your intuition and follow through on your inner guidance. You are playful yet know how to fly under the radar of others. You are passionate about all things that interest you yet rarely show it to others. You value time to yourself.

If Lynx comes prowling in your dreams:

To dream of this animal is a symbol of secrecy. You need to expose and examine the secrets around you and learn from them. If you dream of a Black Lynx is a sign that you need to be objective in any situation. This dream can also signify self guilt with relation to someone you dislike or do not trust. For a women to dream of this big cat usually means that she is not seeing things clearly with regards to her relationship with her significant other.

Additional Associations for Lynx…

  • Secrets of hidden and the unseen
  • Ability to see lies and falsehoods
  • Teaches inner workings of others
  • Careful not to break confidences
  • People may become uncomfortable around you
  • Trust intuitions
  • Awareness
  • Patience
  • Passions
  • Developing our abilities into a higher level of value
  • Playfulness
  • Break out of our molds and routines
  • Time to yourself

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15 Responses to Lynx

  • Last week I dreamt that my brother and I were chilling in his garage and all of a sudden this leopard appeard. My brother told me it shows up every once in awhile thinking he has food, he handed me this bottle of nail polish than I fed the cat the nail polish, later in that dream I was in the rafters trying to hide but the leopard came up with me. A few moments passed and we went inside, we looked out the window saw it wasn’t there and jumped back in the garage, than his neighbour was walking by with 2 white lynx’s with black spots that had many incisions over them, the leopard charged at them and his other neighbour came out with a broom swating at the leopard.
    That’s when my dream ended, could this mean anything?And which one would be my totem animal?

  • I just woke up from a nap. In my dream it was winter and i was walking outside in the parking lot of my work place…a big majestic grayish lynx was running at a coworker of mine. She climbed in her car and i just stood there in front of the creature and it was pulling playfully on my coat sleeve. It wasn’t mean…it bumped it’s head on my arm and the coworker asked me to get in the car cause it was dangerous. I finally listened and left the Lynx behind…it was so beautiful

  • Dreamt of many many many playful baby lynxes on the path I walked in Russia along a river.
    One of them was injured and came to me
    I healed him some and off he went to return later in my dream..

  • I journeyed wildly and ended up coming down through the centre of a redwood tree and crawled out through the roots, and sat with my back to the tree. A lynx came and sat next to me and watched the dawn rise with me..

  • I dreamt I was talking on the phone to an old friend when a female white lynx appeared a few feet away. I was scared but excited and hurried in a cabin and peered through the window as she laid on the porch. Then a male black and white lynx approached and mounted the female. Later an unknown man mounted the female. I don’t know how but I ended up becoming pregnant with sextuplets. However, 5 died and I was only pregnant with a baby girl. What does this all mean?

  • I dreamt of a gorgeous greyish linx last night. It was full of love and wanted to be my pet companion. I was and stayed skeptic of the linx as i knew it could turn on me at any time. My mom loved the linx although i was telling her to tread carefully. As the linx got older he still was following me everywhere i go however more aggressiveness would occur and i even witnessed him attack another human. I started distancing myself from it and it would get more aggressive and wanted to attack me. I tried to avoid any confrontation however the dream came to the point were i had to confront it. I had a long chopping knife in my hands and was facing it with a glass door in between us. That is where the dream stopped. Im really confused.. But the dream gave me the feeling that the linx or i would not have won the battle, we would have both died in this altercation. What can this vivid dream mean?

    • Honor the lynx don’t fight the lynx. It seems it may be your totem. That’s why both must live or die together, your conclusion in the end. He represents your soul. Don’t be afraid of what appears as wild and violent or not predictable in yourself, life and choices. Drawing a lynx may be a good start 🙂 it can also represent a big change in your life, the one we say someone has “rebirthed” you know? Blessings!

  • Last night had a weird dream of someone having a purple viper with the head of a lynx around their neck, and I was petting it under it’s chin. I’ve always been drawn to the lynx and snake, weird that they appeared as one in a dream, still trying to discern what the message is.

  • The Lynx is one of my totem animals and I was drawn to her for the first time tonight. I didn’t understand her significance and felt drawn to the woods to find the truth. As I was reading her description in Medicine Cards, I read that sometimes she appears as an omen and the very moment I read the word “omen,” I heard a scream to my left. A few dozen yards away, an actual lynx was screaming at me. I shined my light on her to see if I could see her and she stared back at me for a moment. It was then that I finally heard the message she wanted me to hear.

  • Found a Lynx carcass on a float trip. Kept the skull. Rather fascinated by this unique, majestic creature.

  • I dreamed of walking my dogs in an unfamiliar place. There were big cats in the backyard and puppies a few houses over. One cat went to touch or attach one of my dogs, but scratched me instead. Another big cat told him to leave us alone. The cats appeared to be in the Lynx family.

  • After this dream came to me a big dear with horns..in the reality. He looked at me and carefuly run away

  • I just dream that i had lynx on my head all the time. I was not scared. It seemed so.etimes its a dry straws but he was lynx either sleeping or half dead? I felt like i need to take care of him.

  • Other beautiful creature also i believe that it can see more than the common or evident things, it is one of the animals i love most

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