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Close your eyes and make a wish! It's time for wishes to be full filled.

If Ladybug has flown into your life;

The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about. Ladybug also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true. Alternatively she could be signalling that you can leave your worries behind and that new happiness is on its way. Ladybug signals you to to not be scared to live your own truth. Protect your truth and know that it is yours to honor.

If Ladybug is your Animal Totem;

When Ladybug is your personal animal totem you are most likely a very lively and interesting companion. You are constantly delving into the mysteries of the Universe and the unknown. You are also naturally highly spiritual and inquisitive by nature, and certainly not satisfied with mundane explanations or boring companions. For the most part you are open minded and enjoy having your consciousness expanded. You have a tendency to bring joy to those around you. People enjoy being around you.You are trusting, happy and easy going.

If Ladybug has come into your Dreams;

To dream of a ladybug (also known as a ladybird) is a sign that you are likely to experience a run of good luck in the near future. To dream of many ladybugs can point to feeling as though things are somewhat out of control, as though a lot of small things are going wrong. Consider ways in which you can take one step at a time to feel more in control of your life and your work. To see a ladybug in your dream can also symbolizes beauty. The dream may also be a metaphor for a lady who is bugging you in your waking life. Perhaps there is an issue that you need to address with this lady. If the ladybug is unusually big, then it is analogous to the magnitude of the problem.

Additional Associations for Ladybug;

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33 Responses to Ladybug

  • What does it means when a lady bug flies all over you while you are sitting in the house on the couch and something Flys on me and I see it’s a beautiful lady I love lady bugs as I touched her of him it kept flying on me what does that mean

  • After I was arguing with my husband. We are in a serious situation, a ladybug flew right towards me. I watched it fly right from t of nowhere and fly right over my eyes and landed right on my head. I took a picture of it and sent out to him. In looking at and insurance the works here BUT I’m so confused about this “timely” message. Does anyone have any “genuine” insight.

  • I am wondering if there is any signifagance to finding just half of a ladybug shell? It is quite cold here and not the season for ladybugs for sure, but when I climbed into my bath this evening there was spotted half shell floating in the water … Made me wonder.

  • On my wedding day, I had half a dozen lady bugs crawling on my wedding dress. And then the past couple weeks we had lady bugs in our room.

    What does it mean?

  • I had a dream many ladybugs were being eaten by a spider.
    There were many already eaten just a shell.
    Is that a bad omen

    • Sounds to me like work is draining your happiness. Spiders are hardworking, quiet beasts who get the job done, but in your case they’re emptying the joy from your life.

  • What does it mean if in our balcony we have more than 10 ladybugs at night,and one or two ladybug comes in our apartment what does that signifies for me and my husband.

  • I’ve been seeing ladybugs like crazy all summer. Either depicted on ads, as little toys and decorations or actual live ladybugs. While on vacation I saw them almost everyday when I’d go to the beach and they would always land on me. One actually flew right into my face. Then I saw a whole bush covered in them. Just today I saw another one. I’ve been journaling all the times I keep seeing them. It’s uncanny. I’m definitely sure someone’s trying to tell me something. Been a challenging year so far emotionally for me. Hopefully these occurrences signal a shift. Or maybe this is my totem animal revealing itself to me?

  • i keep seeing 11s everywhere, everyday, more and more frequent, not a day goes by that I don’t see 11 somewhere, haven’t been feeling well, I have problems with my daughter who is an addict, can this be connected somehow? I also have been finding feathers, dimes and pennies everywhere. I am very spiritual and I pray a lot, I believe in spirits and angels too, and just before, a ladybug landed right next to me on the sofa, can anyone shed some light on this for me please? I would appreciate it greatly

    • What do you want to know? I can help

      • i want to asked if what signifies if we have more than 5 ladybug in our balcony and some comes in 1 or two i remember finding one in our bedroom so i took it and put it in my plant outside my balcony.

    • I suggest you to check this link http://www.angeltherapy.com/, here Doreen Vertue under the Angel Numbers will tell you the meaning of repetitive numbers means, like 11 which means “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rap­idly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, oth­ers, and this situation.”
      In regards to the coins, I have found many coins, but everything started when I was worry about my son because of drug issues too. Now, he is doing better, but anytime I start worrying about something, I start finding coins, and what it means to me is a message from the angels saying that everything is going to be ok and to release my fears.
      The feathers message(s) are from your guardian angel and angels, saying to you that they are there with you and to have faith.
      May God bless you and help you to stay strong, please keep praying for your daughter and do not give up. God and the angels are working with her, but she has free will so is going to take time. We have all comes to this world to learn lessons, and sometimes the lessons are not pretty, or easy, but we need to learn them.

  • I dreamed of a single lady bug last night. I was sitting a a food court table with 3 friends I can’t identify in the dream. A bug landed on me and I brushed it off but when I looked down it was a lady bug on the ground. I felt bad and pocked it back up and it crawled around my hand and up my arm a little. What significance is this? Im an empath but I have a hard time sometimes deciphering my own dreams and messages. Haha

  • My dad passed away last week and prior to his passing i see a snake and then today I see a ladybug :)

  • Not long after my dad passed I drempt of lady bugs, so many they looked like a river. They were everywhere. Along with the song ” in the halls of shambala” playing. ❓ curious about what it meant. ❓

  • I had a dream off 3 ladybugs trapped in a cobweb or spider web, but remember that I felt this urgency to remove all of the webs, in which I did , and once they were free the did not leave the dark space that they were in and I just kept checking on them, even though they were fine, it rare for me to completely remember a dream so vividly, but this one felt real and I can recall every part of it and just need to understand its underline meaning!

  • Today was really emotional for me i have been going through some rough patches for several year’s my children have. Been removed From me. I been doing everything in my power to get my kids back. My husband has just fell ill his kidneys are messed up he has permanent nerve damage to his left leg and foot we had arguement in his hospital. Room i left and went to get something. To eat in the hospital. I came back. Upstairs. To his hospital. Room and i wrote my feelings down in. A note book i took off my. Wedding ring and as i was eatting a lady bug flow on my left hand and played with ir for about 7minutes and it flow away what do that mean i was not dreaming i was awake

  • Today is a normal day for me and all of a sudden i leave work and go on my lunch break, immediately as i step outside alady bug had flow onto my t-shirt, later when i was on my way back inside adifferent lady bug was attached on my sweater again. What does this mean??

  • My daughter has no end of ladybugs in her room, she is always finding them. At least three times a week. Any idea what it means for her? Thanks.


  • I nit deeaming im having quite alot if ladybirds around me unreall, just loiking for a reason why?? Judt read it in google .im hoping its true, bring luck.xx

  • I dreamt I kept talking about getting a tattoo on my wrist of a lady bug. I said I wanted to tattoo it on my inner part of my wrist where my thumb muscle runs down my wrist. I thought it would be a good spot in my dream because there was more muscle. I have no idea why. Anyways I was trying to tell people about it and no one was really listening so I was in front of a window and as I leaned over to look at the flower a Lady bug was sitting on it and I got really close and said..SEE this is confirmation why I must get this tattoo, because a lady bug appeared on this flower. I don’t know what it means but it sticks out among most of my dreams. It seemed specific and different because I don’t know what a lady bug represents until I researched it. I am not a person who goes and gets tattoos either let alone go and get a lady bug tattooed on me. Hope someone can shed light please let me know.

    • The tattoo represents some physical change in your life you are hesitant to proceed forward with — ladybug is trying to tell you it’s a lucky time for this change – the position of the hand suggests that there are elements of this change that are within your grasp however the fact that you felt the need to persuade in the dream means you do not feel as if the choice is yours to make. The window and flower are also important- they are both for encouragement and perspective shifting about the change

  • I am sitting here in hospotal, I am 34 weeks carrying twins and I am having some problems with my stitch. I’m in the 3rd floor and my daughter foes to the window and there is a lady bug, then she sees another one. She brought them to my belly to make a wish… It really made me feel safe and proceed. And the odds of two lady bugs while I’m sitting her with my twins in my belly is pretty suriel. I believe…. Xo

  • Recently I have been thinking quite a bit about my uncle and cousin (his son) who both died unexpectedly and within quite a short space of each other. When i came back from Holiday this Summer I found out my cousin died the day after I left, and my father also bravely made the decision to tell us that my Uncle had committed suicide which he had kept secret for some years. Not long afterwards I discovered I was pregnant and then went on to miscarry after 6 weeks – through this experience I also came to see the relationship with my partner in a different light. 😥 These are not exactly subjects I can bring up in general conversation, so the pain remains invisible and hidden from others. I have to ensure that I make something positive come out of the experience which has changed my perspective of life forever; I’ve become more conscious of challenging myself to reach maximum potential in terms of contribution. to life as I know I’m capable of achieving more.
    In the past few days one of my friends has also disappointed me with some rather immature and petty actions. I’ve tried to be positive about overcoming some ups and downs in the ‘friendship’ but sometimes I feel it’s a one way street and wonder whether I give this person too much credit. On some levels we are very similar but something is not quite right – if I judge on actions alone I am left feeling disappointed. If she knew all I had been through this year I hope she would not be making a big deal of the trivial stuff.

    This evening I was in my bedroom checking a couple of social media sites on my laptop. I was asking myself if or how I could process and let go of some of these negative feelings building up within me, when I noticed from out of the corner of my eye a ladybird crawling along the floor next to my bed. :roll: It seemed to come out of nowhere and struck me as odd to see at this time of year. More coincidental that earlier in the day I had held in my hand a Native American stone carving of a ladybird – which incidentally I’d chosen as a totem a few months ago. I gave the real ladybird some water which it drank and then I moved it safely off the floor and onto my desk. I hope that the sighting signifies the end of a somewhat unhappy stage of my life and the start of new happiness. I’m a person who has strong morals and family is also very important to me. I will endeavor to “Protect my truth and know that it is mine to honour and perhaps it will grant me the strength to let go of negativity and live more in the moment.

    • Hi
      Your explanation of what you have been through and all your losses recently, have moved me to write. You are going through major spiritual growth and how appropriate that you choose the ladybird as your totem. The ladybird is such a beneficial insect in the garden. Such a fragile looking beetle – loved by everyone, yet very very strong with the envious qualities of flight – hence symbolically able to fly with angels. In your search for meaning and growth maybe you’d like to check out the “Channeling Eric” website for insight into the spirit world and ways of understanding grief and our purpose in life. Wishing you much strength. MW

  • Im jack today I was going through some things I lost one of my son back in 2012 and today I was at my sons granny house and it brought back memories of happy times and I was so stressed cause I haven’t been very happy since then I cried in the car and heard a song by j cole and it was spot on and it made it worse I’m not a sensitive person at all it’s hard to feel a lot I tried to hide it from my girlfriend and the kids and I found out that that her daughter is attending catholic schools and she’s a good kid don’t get me wrong but she has a smart mouth and I was telling her how I feel about it she didn’t to much want to hear what I was saying and it bothered me and I got real spiritual I said if it’s a god I need a message and I need to know now I kept going and as I was talking her daughter interrupted me and told me it’s a lady bug on the wall keep in mind it’s the weekend before Christmas and it’s cold inside and out my girlfriend started listening and she looked it up and this is what I’ve found a lot more happened I’m just so in the moment and some things are private this helps me and makes me real happy that I talked to god and I didn’t even know anything about lady bugs before this I’m amazed

  • I’ve sold my condo & trying to make major changes to improve the quality of my life. I’ve been going through a hard time & found myself in tears about a half hour ago watching a show about people who can talk to those who have passed away. My eyes fill thinking of my aunt who was like a mom to me. She has been gone 2 years now. I have a tattoo in her honor. My very 1st tattoo at almost 40 :) Just now, a lady bug was crawling up my bedspread towards me. It allowed me to get real close to her. I know she is still in my room as she eventually flew but I know this is a sign from my aunt. may god bless her, my angel in heaven. xoxoxo miss you!

  • It’s December first today and one of the bitter coldest days so far.today was an emotional day.a day spent at the court house figuring out my divorce.i stood at the doorway at workEth my winter jacket still on,talking with a friend,reflecting on the day.am i making the right decision?!i feel i am.my head and heart are not connected these days.in the midst of doubt,sadness,and pain i see a lady bug crawling up the wall.i put my finger out to touch it and it seems to want to play.it gave me a sense of calmness i want even aware of at the time.Thinking it was strange setting a lady bug i googled it and accidentally hit your site.I’m so glad i did. So much clousure happened for me today.

    • A similar thing happened to me today Angie when a ladybug landed on my hand in the middle of Sydney’s concrete jungle the most unlikely place. I played with her for a while. I have been struggling with some issues also and feel I have found clarity and direction. Hope you get your happy ever after.

  • I’m in transition in my life. I decided not to renew my house lease, then moved into a hotel until I can secure housing in my new life, at my destined location. My room at the hotel has been occupied by several lady bugs, since my arrival. Looking for clarification, because I’m not dreaming, nor am I asleep. They remain in my room, day or night. HELP!

    • I can’t tell you about the lady bug but I don’t dream either. How ever for the past 10 years or so I have been having insects animals, birds and sacret numbers bringing me clues at to the paths i have been taking. It is your higher self giving you clues to what is happening in your life. I feel with you the lady bird is about following your intuition and not allow doubt to cloud your judgment. You are on the right path. Acknowledge the lady birds and you will have more messages from the animal kingdom coming your way

  • I just found your website. I feel like I was seeking it for a long time. Already I understand more. Thank you.

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