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Seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.

When Hummingbird flits by:

Know that it is time for you to aggressively pursue your dreams and make them a reality. Joy is just around the corner – you simply have to believe that your dreams are possible to manifest now. Stop waiting and go for it! Alternatively perhaps it is time to ask yourself and meditate upon these questions: “Where is your joy?”, “Can you find happiness within yourself?”, and “How can you increase the happiness in your life?”

When Hummingbird is your Animal Totem:

You are a messenger of hope and jubilation. You aggressively seek out those that need inspiration and renewal and bring forth the best in them. You are loyal, playful and persistent.

When Hummingbird thrums through your dreams;

Suggests that seemingly small ideas and concepts often possess a lot of potential and power. Alternatively, it can symbolize your flighty thoughts and frivolous ideas have merit and should be explored.

Additional Associations for Hummingbird:


Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Hummingbird was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Hummingbird is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

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32 Responses to Hummingbird

  • Two days ago I was at the county clerks office to sign up my Globalshift trademark for my business name and as I was entering the building a hummingbird seemed to fly or fall to the ground and laid on its back for a few seconds, as I walked up to it and was just a few inches from touching it, it flipped around and flew off. 😉

  • Today I was in my pea patch (“Grandma’s Herb Garden”), where I had just transplanted raspberry plants. I stopped for a bit, stood up, hands out and was doing REIKI so to speak on the newly transplanted raspberries – sending healing and love to the raspberries, then to the rest of the garden, then to the whole pea patch including the the birds, the bees etc. Then I heard a loud buzzing noise, and I was wondering if one of the bees was coming near, and then this very loud buzzing (very loud BIG buzzing) got so close it was right behind my head (actually touched my head or was it just the wind from the wings) and then flew off, I opened my eyes and saw a hummingbird fly away. . . It was totally awesome !!

    • Today standing by my office door I watched a hummingbird flitter by. The whole time the bird was chirping. I didn’t even know they made this noise, but the little bird chirped and sang and went from flower to flower enjoying it’s day. It was so beautiful

  • In my dream I was in a white room when a hummingbird came from the adjacent white room. Both rooms were empty except for a couple chairs. I think my husband was sitting in one. The hummingbird flew over to me & looked at me. Then he started gently touching (kissing) my face with his beak. It was very sweet. Then I woke up &wondered about my dream

  • My father passed away a little over a year ago. It was devastating. Then I made a friend. A beautiful amazing women. So one day I thought of drawing her a hummingbird. The very next day strangely a hummingbird was hovering next to my window staring derectly at me. And all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling it was a sign from my father. So since then I’ve been really close to this girl, and have completely fell in love with her. And I prayed to my father for guidance since ive felt love for this girl. The bad part of this is she’s married. :( she lives hundreds of miles away, and it kills me not to have her close in my life. She calls every once in a while. The crazy thing is every time she calls me, a hummingbird not always a living one it can be a picture a stuffed animal . But none the less a hummingbird appears that day. She see’s them to. But I feel in my heart thats my dad’s way of telling me not to let her go. That she’s my soulmate. And the fact that hummingbirds symbolize “love” blows me away. So ill never give up on her. I truly believe that shes my soulmate. We have this magnetic type connection the she’s even admitted to. And I truly believe one day we’ll be together. Tell me, what do you think this is? What message do you believe im getting? Please help me…

  • In my dream there was a bright yellow hummingbird. This hummingbird had babies that needed to be fed so me and a bunch of others tried helping the mommy humingbird find food. While we were looking, the hummingbird escaped the cage we had it in. After chasing it I quickly caught it, and cheers erupted for me, it wasnt but a few seconds later that I discovered that no one noticed I had caught it and they were cheering for a football game that happened to be on. While I was holding the hummingbird it was flapping against my hands so hard that yellow feathers were flittering off. Eventually I got it back to its babies after we fed it but we never found enough food for all of the babies.

    If you have any idea on what that means please let me know.

  • my boyfriend gave me some hummingbird earrings. Somebody told me it meant love: sex and marriage

  • Its November 9th up here in Ohio and i have been feeling alot of personal pain,regret,and misunderstang about my life my mind has been caged in a dark unhealthy place but this morning i went into my garage and a hummingbird was sitting on the window trying to get out i got him out safely and i thought that hummingbird prob never thought he woukd be free again and suddenly he was i stopped in my tracks and thought im free just uncage yourself from the pain im very thankful to GOD for putting that beautiful hummingbird in my life 😛

  • When my buddy passed away a few years ago it really destroyed me. Every now and then when I’m having a bad day. This hummingbird shows up, to remind me everything is going to be ok. I was doing a delivery one day for work, and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd came on the radio. I was pretty shook up thinking about the good times. One I got out of my van there was the hummingbird hovering above my van. He stared at me for a few minutes, gave me a look and them flew away. It was pretty amazing, and then at my office once, 30 miles away the same thing. I was bummed about about my life. I got out of my car and there it was the hummingbird. Just to remind me that it’s ok. I see it as my guardian angel looking over me.

  • I found a hummingbird in my garage this morning sitting on the ground quite still. I have no idea how it got in. I held him in my hand to warm him, tried giving him hummingbird food, and fell in love with him every second I held him. When I sat him down he would fidget and seemed upset, so I just held him for one amazing hour. He chirped once, seemed alert at times, and I called a vet hoping this meant he would be ok. He died in my hand. I cried like I haven’t in ages and have been heartbroken since.
    Later in the day, a coyote ran across my path on the road.
    I live near a nature reserve but this is alot for a suburban area, and it seems like an omen.
    Any thoughts?

  • 😕 I live in the city of Philadelphia I have never seen a hummingbird in my life for real , just recently I have seen it on my porch I thought it was weird I don t know the meaning of this and count it as a blessing , however, is this a spirit trying to tell me something ? does anyone have an answer ?

  • It was around 10 pm it was dark out and we seen a white light and it got closer and it was a all white hummingbird flying at night flew right in front of us it was like it was a white light it was bright everything was glowing white even the beak and it went into a tree then flew back towards us and went over us and flew away it was so beautiful and small and so detailed like if it was a angel it was glowing white its unexplainable but beautiful and wont ever forget

  • I was sitting one the porch one day and thinking about my life and going through a diffacult time. And all of a suddon a hummingbird flu right up in my face I mean about 4 to 6 inches away from it and my first thought was I allmost flinched as thinking is he going to take my eye out with that long beak but I stopped and didn’t move as if something stoped me and assured me I was safe it was amazing beautiful the hummingbird was there WHAT felt like a good min but it was defanitly 30 seconds I could hear his wings so loud and soothing at the same time I don’t know what it ment but I FELT better as I ran inside to tell my girlfriend what just happened to me and she said it was probably my mother telling me she was proud of me and keep on going.well it’s about 3 months ago that happened and yesterday I was sitting in my garage and all of a suddon I hear a tapping on the window I look over and there was a little yellow bird sitting on the sill looking at me an HE kept tapping like crazy and jumping up and down flapping against the window for like 2 min I finished my cigerette and went inside and told my girlfriend she came to see it was gone 3 hours later I’m having another cig and it returns DOING the same thing so I got up walk over to the window and open it IT jumped back into the Bush ONLY a foot away and sat there looking at me I don’t want to let it in might it get hurt trying to fly out another window so I closed it but I didn’t recognize what kind IT was so. I looked it up and turns out it was a female warbler and very rare to find and see . Well my life has not got any easier since the hummingbird kneading and it has gotten great at the same time I’m in big trouble for something I didn’t do and I just had a beautiful baby boy so I love mg son and thank God for him but am afraid I might get put in Jain for a while for the trouble and am looking for answers what message is this all bringing me I’m new to the whole spirit animals THING and my girlfriend is just LOVING that I am opened up in my head to consider such a thing she is all about stuff like this nature spiritual things in the universe and all that anyone know what this all means or if one of these are my spirit bird or how do I find my spirit animal I mean the hummingbird is ME to a tee and the warbler thing is crazy ?? Answers ANYONE???

  • I found a dead humming bird at work inside , what does this mean?

  • A few years ago I had the most profound experience. One day I was wondering aimlessly, vent walking, you know that feeling of sheer fustration with life and the “confusion / pain” of life. So here I was one sunny day walking, feeling hopelessly when I look to my left and amognst this bush was the most beautiful divine Hummingbird I have ever seen. This bird shone bright yellow and lktrrally as i looked at this bird my perception of it shifted, literally everything slowed down, almost like slow motion and i could literally the spirit inside the birds anotomy steering its body. Intuitively, a voice told me thid bird was God and that each living thing are God. Any way long story short, talk about synchronicity, later that day i sat down and as ithought about the experience earlier that day a movie advertisement appeared on my monitor (movie called 21 Gramms), and the narrators voice stated “the human soul weighs 21 gramms, THE SAME WEIGHT AS A HUMMINGBIRD”. Well if that wasnt enough, some time later that year while i was goi g through an amazing shift (awakening) in consciousness i came across an artist online who is based in New York by the name of Alex Grey…THE MAN DREW THE EXACT SAME IMAGE I HAD WITNESSED….RAYS OF DIVINE LIGHT EMINATING OUT OF THIS HUMMINGBIRD WITH A GLOW OF LIGHT IN ITS CENTRE. AMAZING! Anyway im wondering if Hummingbirds are my animal spirit as a resultof that experience which is unlike any other encounter i have experienced thus far with a member of the animal kingdom atleast

  • I had a wonderful dream the other night that there were over a hundred hummingbirds that just flew into my hands and they were all different colors then just as they came swooping into my arms they vanished it was truly a warm experience and one that i hope will always stay with me as long as i live

  • I found an injury hummingbird he let me pick him up hold him cuddle him bring him home he ate duvet water off my fingernails a few hours he was ready to fly I set him free. I am a native America I believe this was a symbol but I don’t know what other than joy. I have joy. Who was this. I have never had encounters with really any birds He is a totem but I struggle to find the who what why

  • I’m grateful to find this site

  • After my mom transitioned, I use to go into her bedroom & look out the window as she did regularly, On one occasion a hyminbird appeared from know were and it was beautiful, It seemed to speak to my soul, It flap wings and look at me for about two minutes and disappeared, I will never forget that day, and I have been secretly wishing it happens again.

  • 12/29 dream
    I was being told that when I would have great change for myself- something would appear and transform me.

    I was at a school with someone being and I was fearful to meet with a woman that was heavy set and known for being mean.

    I was preparing myself with the person I was walking with as I turned the corner and ran into her.

    Instead of fear taking over- a green backed hummingbird stopped time. (The movie sound of time warping and the sensation of pure joy and happiness consumed me as it’s wings slowly fluttered and my sight was fixated on it. It turned it’s side and the honeycomb-like green speckles on it’s back glistened in the sun light. I was consumed in love and time went back to normal.) I didn’t hesitate, I greeted her with the largest smile and love in my heart genuinely happy to meeting with her. She was so happy to see me too. The hummingbird was beautiful, and large while it stopped time to make eye contact with me. When it did, its eyes locked with mine felt like it instantly transferred the desire to be happy, joyous & full of love. When I heard that sound that stopped time makes, like the ones in movies, I focused on the wings and the honeycomb shape in it’s green back and as it glistened it made me feel overwhelmed with love and time was back to normal as I floated out of that trance and into greeting this heavy set woman people feared.

    My partner and I were picked up by the rest of the crew also on the same journey and I was able to say that I saw it. I was passionate about what I saw and the support of those 5 in the car helped me feel alive.

    The heavy set woman could be closely described as the boss from wanted.

    I just woke up from this dream and have only this last year started to learn about spirit animals. I’ve always been surrounded by hummingbirds my whole life. I haven’t seen one in 3 months until my dream. I’ve been experiencing so much change in my life that sometimes I feel anxiety is taking over- only BC I feel there’s a message I have to uncover and pursue.

    I’ve recently changed careers working for bad business leaders to make a difference using my skills for good and focusing on education, specifically those with special needs. I’ve opened up The School of Meaning all from listening to what’s around me, the needs of the people I’m meant to reach. This probably sounds totally nuts- but I’m floored at how vivid this dream was.

    Any insight would be well received.

  • Hello all many things have happened to me for starters I see bb sized bubbles every now and then once at 8 am then at 1:30pm I heard a coworker say something she swore she didn’t say. With the time difference of 5 hours and 30 min at 3:50 pm that day in front our store I saw a car get hit by another car. I was told to meditate from one of my friends before I go to bed and right when I wake up the first time I tried I repeatedly said fox saw nothing then started saying wolf. After saying it a third time I saw an white image of a wolf just the head looking straight at me. A couple weeks later I stated trying to meditate on a moth one morning after saw moth 2 to 3 times I saw what looked like a moth slowly flying towards me with with what looked like a pair of I phone eat buds trailing behind it leaving a trail of white steaks finally when it got to my point of view it perked up its antenna then I opened my eyes. Just this morning I was meditating on humming bird I saw what looked like a purple feather then I saw a small bird flying towards the left side of my view it’d feathers were a purple tint. I’ve had many strange things happen to being at a neighbors house while sitting for them then hearing a bible verse Matthew 7 7:8 nkv play as if someone was in the room reading it off I believe there is a god and have been blessed with many miracles I just feel like I being spiritually targeted by something I studying reiki right now and has given me some insight but I’m looking for answers and have been visting this website quite often I anxiously await feedback

  • A few days ago It was 11pm and I was visited by a humminbird. It fluttered around for me for like 45 seconds then came about a foot from my face, looked at me for a few seconds then fluttered away. This happened the day after i heard of a friend that was sent a hawk by her spirit guides. I asked for a sign from my guides. and i got that^^^ (((:

  • ❗ my mom has been passed for 10 years now.. and every since she’s been gone my life all of a sudden has been consumed with hummingbirds. She loved them and on her death bed I whispered to her to return as one. I have seen them in abundance every since. I even got a tatoo behind my left ear in memory of her. Are they a sign… ❓

    • Sounds like you already know that answer. It is your mother letting you know she is still alive and is with you in spirit. What a awesome experience you have with the awesome little bird. 💡

  • I see Ravens/Crows, and Turkey Vultures on a daily basis. As well as Dragon flies that zoom right at my head than turn and disappear. I know these are Huge signs from Spirit. It’s like I’m being spoken to. But, nothing ever follows. I’m sure a lot of it has to with a particular man that I know. He’s going thru some major life issues. So I gather these signs as well as others are telling me to hang on, cause changes are coming.?

    • Hello Dianne: The signs are for you and no one else. Own them. Pay attention to the quotation boxes at the top of each animals page – the messages will be specific to you. Pay attention to the messages even if they don’t seem relevant to you. I assure you that they are and that you must incorporate the wisdom into yourself.

  • Hi there! 1 other experience – came across a dead baby frog on the area of windshield wipers of a car? What does seeing a dead baby frog bring? Very curious about this as well, since don’t usually see frogs a lot. Please advise. Thanks so much :smile:

  • Hi! About a month ago, I felt compelled to look out the window, so I did and saw a bird, I think it was a hummingbird, flying in the infinity pattern exactly in the middle of my huge backyard! It did this consecutively 2 or 3 times, then flew away. What exactly does this mean? Then the other night, I heard 2 or 3 Owls having a conversation. Is there a message as to why I heard the Owl conversation? The Owl is definitely my totem. See them all the time! I know they represent major transformation for me, which I have been in major transformation on all levels, but was wondering if any other message in there I may not be seeing right now in addition to the Hummingbird Infinity pattern message ?

    • Hi Marj: Pay close attention to the Quotation box when you come back to this page – it will give you a message specific to you with regards to your Hummingbird.

      • I just had a dream of me running from fear and as I turned the corner a humming bird came out from behind a tree. It flew towards me and poked me with its beak on the right side of my neck. What does this mean?

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