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You are being reminded to address your feelings and emotions rather than ignoring them. Feeling things allows you to grow.

If Frog has hopped across your path;

When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition. It is there to help you swim easily through some tough life changes

It may also signal the need to enhance your intuition, and strengthen your connection with the spirit world.

Frog also symbolizes coming into your own personal power.

Often travelers use this totem to give them a little reassurance while traveling.

If Frog is your Animal Totem;

You are a great listener and advice giver. You know how to relate to others and always know exactly what to say. You have genuine empathy towards others and always do your best to provide healing for those around you by allowing them to release old negative energy onto you in order to help them cleanse and renew their lives.

You tend to stay close to home where your family is important to you – especially your parents. You will generally do everything you can to help a family member in need and to maintain close and meaningful relationships.

If Frog has come into your Dreams;

If the frog in your dream is leaping, it may suggest that you have a lack of commitment in your life and are leaping from one thing to another.

If you are trying to catch a frog in your dream, it may mean that your life is changing rapidly, and you are trying to stop it or prevent the change from occurring. To kill a frog in your dream, represents negative emotions.

If you swallow a frog in your dream, you are most likely holding back saying something that needs to be said, or you feel that something is preventing you from expressing yourself.

Additional Associations with Frog;

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23 Responses to Frog

  • Dream of a bright green, smooth skined front (bull frog size) tree frog like feet…it was jumping toward me and latched on to my finger….Me, NOT being a fan of frogs pulled it off and put it out the door…it had jumped in a bucket full of mud like substance before latching on to my finger…what could this be saying?

  • I am founding a frog hoping near my door….what does this mean????

  • This was not a dream …. last night as a lay there in my bed it was between 11:30 pm and midnight i was watching TV and laying on my side , i heard a croaking sound like a frog it croaked loudly twice , i turned and looked on the side of the bed and saw nothing, as i turned on the light on the nighstand i checked around and still saw nothing, i went back to bed and continued to watch TV . I fell asleep like usual. This morning when i got up i noticed the clock radio on my nightstand was one hour back … what could be the explanation for this? I usually say my prayers everynight and include both of my parents who have passed and also include a special friend of mine that has recently passed due to cancer .. but i know he disliked frogs . Is it possible that maybe it was a sign of his spirit croaking ? please respond

  • I have found 2 dried up frog inside my house shriveled up like its been like that for years the first time I found it I threw it away in the trash can and my son threw out the trash right then and there. The second time I found a frog which look like as if it was the first frog. Is there something I need to know about finding the right up frogs do they mean something am I supposed to be worried because I do not have frogs I have never seen frogs the only frogs that I have seen are those to which look exactly alike. It kind of freaked me out because the first time I found one it was right next to my kitchen stove and I sweep and mop every day so I don’t know how it got there the second time I found one it was on the floor on my husband side of the bed.

  • i saw a bird like frog in my dream which was trying to fly or jump on to my face right from front side, i was a little scared and startled and trying to throw it away, what could the dream signify?

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