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Slow down, pause .... and breathe!

If Dove has flown into your life;

She may be reminding you that in order to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. If you were to sit on a branch looking to the sky and hoping the wind will simply pick you up, you would never move. You must surrender and allow the wind support your wings. Get moving… and experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher.

Alternatively Dove could be letting you know that you need to simply stop and take a few deep breaths. Let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and find peace within you. Know that what you see right now is reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are truly looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true.

If Dove is your Spirit Animal Totem;

You are truly one of the most gentle and giving persons on the planet. You have a sense of innocence that attracts that attracts many people to you. You sometimes have difficulty with others as the tend to take advantage of your pacifistic ways and the calm and serenity that is natural to your being. You are a natural nurturer and make an excellent parent.

If Dove has flown into your Dreams;

To see a dove in your dream symbolizes peace, tranquility, harmony, affection and innocence. In particular, to see a white dove in your dream represents loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness and friendships. It may also signify a message and blessing from the Holy Spirit. You have let go of your thoughts of hate and revenge.

To dream that doves are mating and building a nest, symbolizes a joyous home life filled with love, tranquility, pleasure and security.

Additional Associations for Dove;

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39 Responses to Dove

  • Hi, so this afternoon is a very stormy and rainy one, I’m driving home from work and I see a row of black birds with a pure white dove sitting in the center of them all on a power line, I’m not sure what this means but it made me feel very happy and it was very beautiful. I even got a photo. Can anyone tell me what this could mean?

  • My fiancé and I were expecting our first baby. We were told at our first scan we were 7 weeks and 5 days. I experienced some bleeding – not much at all – no cramping, no other symptoms. I was referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit a week before our 12 week scan just to check to see if everything was okay. We were told we had miscarried and the baby hadn’t passed and I need to go in to have the baby removed. When we got home from this news, I was in the garden and sitting on top of a nearby house was a grey pigeon and a white one sitting next to one another. I’ve read online this is a sign of peace. I do hope our baby ‘peanut’ is safe and being looked after. It was a message from above. RIP little one 😘⭐️ Xxx

  • This morning as I was going to my mailbox, I saw a white dove walking in and around my driveway. It had a blue leg band. I sent an email to my state wildlife agency. Don’t know if they are the one who banded it.

  • Hi, last week I was watering my front garden, and all of a sudden, out the corner of my left eye I seen something. I looked down, and beside my left foot a dove sitting there. Not afraid at all of me. I thought “oh he is thirsty. He walked over took a drink, came back to my foot, then walked to the other side of the garden, took another drink, came back, and walked over my foot. I couldn’t believe this. Walked up my driveway, went under the truck. Stayed for awhile then walked down the driveway and disappeared. I haven’t seen him since. What does this mean?

  • I was walking and carrying a heavy load, when I stopped to take a breath… a perfectly white dove flew around me. It was so perfectly white that it glowed! I was totally amazed.. Was this a sign from God?

  • Please help me understand what I have going on. This never happens and now in the last 3 days I had 2 dove land on a fence outside my pick up not 6 feet away eye level with me I rolled down my window they didn’t fly. I moved my arms around they didn’t fly. Then the next day a young dove is on the dog fence watching through the kitchen window. An hour later he was still there so I walked outside walked right up to him and picked him up off the fence. Thinking he was hurt or to young to fly I brought him inside and he just sat there on my finger for 10 minutes I then set him in a box with food and water. 30 min later I go to check on him he is on top of my light fixture he can fly! Why are wild dove doing this right now? Also other wild bird species are landing incredibly close to me and not spooking away. Non of this has ever happened before

  • The other day I saw 3 pure white doves on the road. I never seen white doves before and to see 3 together. I was in aww and instantly felt that they symbolise a message, i had to know. So glad for this site :)

  • :smile: : God bless everyone! Today I experienced something extraordinary. So beautiful in its own way. My husband and I were taking a walk with our two children. We were having a beautiful walk. My two daughters and I were having a conversation when we heard my husband say, “Hay, they are going to tow our truck!” We all said, oh! Smack. My twelve year old daughter ran to see but she still was a little far from the truck, but we all followed behind her. My husband turned back at me and said, “I don’t know if it was a bird or? I looked at him. Then said well at least you maid her run and she’s done for her exercise. We laughed! He said to her Run, run as fast as you can. When my husband and I got there mu daughter said, “Mom, look!” The first thing i saw was a beautiful white collar dove sitting on the left side of the windshield of the truck. It seemed as if it was waiting for us. I told him to get closer to it and extend his arm to it. It looked as if it looked at me then to them and then it flew away to the back of the truck then went up, and disappeared. The first thing in my head was this is a message from god. We all prayed and i got on the phone to look uo what it meant. This is where i am at right now. I had to leave a message for everyone to read. To me is so calming and so serene because we have gone through so much this past four years. I am pregnant now and and I’ve told my husband that I am somehow changing in my ways, ways in which i don’t feel angered with the people of my past that drove me to all things I’ve been going through. It was a god sent message.

  • I had seen a dove fly into the supermarket where I work , it damaged its wing a bit trying to get out and knocking against the large windows , several members of staff tried to chase it and one man did catch it and set it free.outside i forgot about it until the following evening when i was on my usual late shift and stepped out of kiosk to put a customers basket in a rack , when i stepped back into the kiosk a noise like a gunshot penetrated the air and i was amazed to see a bottle of cheap champagne fall of the shelf and land on the floor in many shards and all the liquid spilled , I thought that I had somehow dislodged the bottle , but the two customers waiting to be served said it exploded in front of them , that dove was a protective totem , it had landed in the same area in which I had worked and it had somehow blessed the area , the bottle would have exploded right behind my head had I not stepped out of the kiosk for a single moment , God was with me Amen.

  • I have a dove who has been hanging around my back yard for months. She’s a mourning dove who has a very distinct rosy colored chest. This dove often sits on one of my lawn chairs and stares in the window for hours…..usually most of the day. This has gone on for so long, my kids notice when she’s not there. At least once a day, this bird flies against window as if trying to land on the screen. Not hard, just enough to get out attention. I’ve heard of more aggressive birds doing this, but never a dove. Maybe it’s nothing, but I live in the mountains. There are thousands of birds who fly around here, but this one is different…….at least I sense “she’s” different. I’d be forever grateful for any and all opinions as to what this may mean. Thank you.

    • the day my grandson was born [ las t week ] 2 doves lay on the grass next to me for hours while I paced about waiting for news. yesterday he had to go to hospital with an infection and I was worried. a baby dove sat on a brach inches above my head , I spoke to it and it listened , and it did not move all afternoon, even when my dog barked at it. lovely .

  • Not to long ago, I was driving to my work and when I got to a stop light…I saw 3 white doves sitting on the wire above me…they seemed to glow. Can’t describe it…. i have had a lot struggles this year..emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc. …
    I’m person that ever since a child have always experience many things that can’t be explained or people to understand..
    What sign could this be?

  • I dreamed of MANY baby white dove right in front of me outside of the glas s wall, they fluttered all around. Felt hope peace love and a feeling of something coming soon! What does this mean ? ❗

  • I dreamt i was in a place where there is trees and then found dead doves on the floor abd some of them was alive flying around. Then one dove flew straight right on my stomach and then i woke up.

    Can someone pls helo me witg this

  • Yesterday, I was scrolling my Twitter feed an this dove came to my window, landed on my a/c for 2 or 3 seconds then flew away. Then later came back for 2 or 3 seconds an then flew away, and that was it.

    What does this mean?

    • I was standing out side n a dove came dn n tried to purch on me thats y im hear at first i didt no wat to think n she hovered over me as i stood i put my hand out she came wit in a few inches of me fot at lest a min then flew away left me with a good feeling tho throuhg my soul most mean some thing beautiful….ty SUN RAGE ON FB…

  • I have seen two Doves in two days, I have not dreamed of them so what is the difference between seeing them and dreaming of them. Can you please let me know.

  • I Dreamt That A White Dove Was Flying Under Clear Water And I Was Under Water As Well And Breathing :

  • When I was maybe five years old, I had my first spirit animal dream. I was pushing through heavy underbrush, lost in the woods, when a dove landed on my shoulder. It whispered in my ear, “Watch out… Your enemy is behind you.” I turned to see a large brown bear towering over me with a snarling countenance before waking up.

    So far, my totems are the dove and the lion. I’m still working it what it all means.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • So today I dreamed of a dove, this is how my dream went I was outside it was dark and I could see the clouds that were purple/black/dark and there was a hole up in the cloud and I could see blue sky up there and suddenly I see a dove fly around then it goes down and die. I don’t know what it means but can someone tell me what my dream met? Please!!!!!!!!!

  • When sitting next to the ocean in an early morning quiet time, I prayed to know the things that God wished for me to stop giving my life force energy to any longer. I wrote down three things. The third was the word ‘Grieving’. In a few moments, I noticed three doves flying closely together. I watched them fly away together until they were out of view, visualizing myself letting go of the three behaviors. I was supernaturally surprised when I found that the Mourning Dove had chosen to be my spirit animal and teach me the lesson of learning to fly again.

  • I dreamt I was a dove, walking not flying. Happy feeling. I traveled with an elephant and a rock. The rock was alive and could talk. We were travellers and performers. Somehow the elephant fell on me ( the dove) and I could feel the weight and pain. That’s when I woke up and had severe pain in my knee ( pain is chronic ) and not unusual.

  • A white dove flew over me and landed in my yard, I walked away but the bird remained where it had landed like 2 minutes later I walked back and slowly walked towards it. When close to it, it flew to a nearby fence and sat, still I walked towards it and it actually let me pet it before flying off. It actually let me touch it!

  • I am sitting at my job on the 3rd floor and there is a Dove sitting on my windowsill just staring at me. It stared at me for 15 minutes before it turned around looked back at me and flew away. I even took pictures of him.

  • Hi!
    Today I was at work. (I work for my dad). Slow day. And a coworker of mine makes a joke to open the door to let the guest in. I look up and I see a white dove. Gorgeous really. It was staring right into the glass just standing there gracefully. I couldn’t understand what the dove was trying to say. But I knew it was there for a reason (we rarely see doves in that area not to mention WHITE and at night!) I walked out toward the dove and rather than flying away it seemed to lead me in some direction. I couldn’t follow as I had work. It came back though! And I stared at it and it stared back. I kept asking it what it wanted. I thought it was injured but every time I stepped closer it would step away. I tried letting it out of my mind until my dad just got a call 5 hours later telling him his dad (my grandfather) passed away. I can’t help but wonder if the dove has any correlation to this event or if it was just a coincidence ! Everyone else thinks I’m crazy!

  • Dreamt watching news on a big screen could not understand a word because the caption and the news were in Arabic still confused a big white dove appeared on the screen and someone told me it was my spiritual guide. So my question is how does a bird guide me when we can’t communicate how does it help me? What was this dream all about? Thanks

  • hi there. just two weeks ago i witnessed a pigeon who was injured and had flown into a reflective glass. I am writing here because my understanding is that pigeons are of the same family as mourning doves. i took the bird home with me and have taken care of it. it was unable to stand or walk and is now walking and able to fly. The morning after finding the pigeon, I dreamt this pigeon with purple and blue shining feathering on the back of its neck, standing upright and courtly from the box it was in. That day I was told to leave the bird for animal services to “take care” of it assuming that it will not survive. that didn’t feel like an appropriate solution. i took it home with me and cared for it for two weeks. now it is in a rehabilitation facility tending to an orphaned pigeon. both will be released when they have reached good health. any reflections on this experience and dreams would be greatly appreciated.

  • Recently, my father was very ill and passed away. The day before he died I saw the remaining feathers of a dove scattered on the ground around my car. I was being watched by two doves the following morning as I got into the car. I’ve never noticed doves around the estate before.

    • Hey Sean i was just wondering what area you saw the two doves, ? As I have seem them recently as well …that’s amazing just the two doves flew over my property.
      Cheers Phnx.

      • Hi phnx,
        They are in Ireland. Collared doves. I saw one again this morning so they must be nesting locally. Many people here claim we are in for a very cold winter. Lots of birds being very active at this time make up part of this forecast.

  • I had a mourning dove. My friends found it out of its nest as a baby. We took good care of it. Eventually, we let it go. She’d visit us everyday.

    It’s been more than a month, and she has not returned ever since.

  • A dove nested in a palm tree in our garden. I hadn’t realised until after some big wind storms and I realise the nest had been blown form the tree. i found the 2 baby birds safely nestled on a ledge outside my bathroom. They have now learn’t to fly their mother comes and feeds them and they are all happily residing ( + coo-ing). I definitely have a thing with animals but any deeper insight would be highly appreciated

  • I was in TX Big Bend National Park having traveled from Vt. and was sitting outside cabin praying – so grateful for the time there- and when I opened my eyes a dove was sitting not two feet from me on the porch.. just looking at me. For close to a half hour! The dove flew away then and my husband came out on the porch- I told him about the dove and he pointed to the limb of the tree behind me where sat that same dove- I was overwhelmed by the peacefulness thereafter. Wish it could last!


  • ❓ ahm.. can you please help me interpret my dream..
    i dreamt of seeing dead doves and among them i saw one that was alive. i think i saw them in my backyard…

    • Hello Haydee: The dream is symbolic of your inability to let go of control in your waking life. You must allow spirit and others the space to do their work as well. Micro managing your life is stifling your creativity.

  • Was driving down my street tonight about to pull into my driveway when I noticed a small gray mound In the road…stopped got out and discovered an injured mourning dove who is now safely secured in my basement…after reading the above meanings, that dove and I were meant to cross paths this evening. Amazing!! I now can only hope it recovers and survives!

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