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Time to come out of your shell and be yourself. Stop hiding.

If Crab has skittered across your path;

He is reminding you that not all paths lead directly to your personal goals. Sometimes a sideways approach is necessary. Shift your focus to what is all around you because your inner senses are trying to guide you through an easier way. Alternatively crab can be reminding you that community is vital for growth, however equally important is a time of introspective seclusion. Know when to withdraw and discern what is right for you.

This crustacean can also be letting you know that it is important to fuel your curiosity on all levels. Exploration of the world around you leads to discovering new horizons and a vibrant life.

If Crab is your Animal Totem;

You are usually very sensitive, shy and self-protective. Your trust must be earned. However once you befriend someone you become extroverted within their company. You enjoy exploring new challenges in life and have and your curiosity is never satisfied. You are constantly doing your inner work and deconstructing yourself and rebuilding who you are. You are always successful in reaching your goals but love to use unorthodox methods in getting there.

If Crab has come into your Dream;

When this crustacean comes into your dream it may signify that your perseverance and tenacity has born fruit. Abundance and success is at hand. Alternatively this creature can also signify that you are hanging onto your emotions in a way that is causing you undue stress. Allow yourself to release your fear of “feeling” so that you can grasp the new gifts that are being offered right now.

Additional Associations for Crab…

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10 Responses to Crab

  • I have these same nightmares since I was a child about a huge hermit crab shadow on my walls. The shadow started out small and began to grow bigger and then I walked to the wall, touched the wall and I go to turn my head and there it was.. A huge pitch black hermit crab just sitting there behind me.. I t started to snap it’s claws at me.. then as the huge pitch black hermit crab was snapping his claws at me.. it was moving towards me as if I was the threat.. I walked up to it to try and show it I mean no harm.. It clamped my hand with it’s sharp strong claws and I began bleeding.. I tried to pull it off of my hand.. it began clamping even tighter and harder. Then I pulled it off of my hand and ran and it began to chase me.. To my knowledge hermit crabs crawl slowly.. This one was crawling really fast.. Then I woke up in cold sweats.. Heart racing.. Mind and body in shock.. and yelling calling out mom and dad… I began to break down crying and screaming saying I saw it again…. I saw that huge scary looking pitch black hermit crab again…. I still to this day have that nightmare.. I don’t know what it means…

  • I had saw a “clairvoyant ” 2 or 3 years ago. She had told me my spirit guide is the Crow. What I want to know is this…I see crows almost everyday for the last few years. It’s not just 1 or 2, it’s a whole flock of them! When I’m at home, they like to sit and shriek on the street lamp post that is right close to my balcony. Sometimes they go down to the ground. Other times when I’m just out somewhere I’ll only see 1 or 2…not a whole flock. What does this mean? What are they trying to tell me? I sometimes think it’s because I’m going to die soon.

    • Dear Friend, don’t be worried!
      There’s no such thing as evil Spirit Guides. They are part of the beautiful dance of what we perceive as this life and when they come, they’re there to help you. Know that there is divine balance in everything. Without darkness there can be no light and without spirituality there can be no physicality. You are being guided through this. What exactly their message for you is, you need to find out for yourself. Just ask! 🙂

      you might want to check out

      Love & Light!

  • Saved a crab from seagulls on SF beach.Took him out to sea,protected him

  • I dreamed of a place near the sea. The night sky was the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen and there was a majestic full moon! I was walking towards it trying to get a better view. The path was rough and I stepped onto something that hurt my foot. I had a closer look and to my horror I saw a small WHITE CRAB that was trying to enter my skin. It was half way in when I started squeezing my foot and struggled to get it out. I finally managed to get rid of it…! Please help me get the meaning of this!

    • So eerie, I literally have just woken from almost the same dream, though the small white crab entered my hand as I was climbing on rocks next to a river. I struggled as well to remove it from my hand. It broke through the skin and escaped, though there was no pain, and no blood. I would live to know what this signifies. Blessing

    • White is for enlightenment. The crab has different meanings. Don’t run from your awakening.

  • I really think I have Crab as a totem animal, your description sounds just like me. And once when I did a guided meditation to find my animal spirit guide a crab came to me. Which is surprising because I never really thought or been drawn to crabs, but it is all very thought provoking.

  • I once had a very vivid nightmare about a sea serpent with Crab-Like claws, what could that mean?

    • It is what it is. Don’t overthink it. It’s just processes. Just observe, remain aware and trust that everything is. Everything is good. You are blessed.

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