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Use Cougars' cunning powers in your life right now. What you see as impossible has a very simple solution.

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If Cougar comes to you:

If Cougar has come into your life then take it as an indication that you have come into your own power. It’s time for you to take charge of the situation and be strong. Cougar can also signify that you should leap into all the opportunities on offer for you right now. Use the power of your intentions and be clear with where you are going. Cougar also asks us to balance our power. Learn to know when gentleness is needed and when asserting your energy will bring you your goal. Above all Cougar teaches us how to use our leadership qualities without ego.

Cougar as your Totem

If Cougar is your animal totem then you are most likely a natural leader. You walk your talk and lead by example. You know how to set your boundaries and are very clear when someone crosses them. When happy and satisfied your purr can be heard by all those around you. You also have the ability to be seen or not seen as you are the master of camouflage. Your roar is feared by many.

Cougar in your Dreams:

A Cougar in your dreams can mean several thing depending on the context of the dream. If the Cougar is asleep or resting it could be drawing your attention to the fact that you have strength and elegance, that you are well-respected by your peers. It can also mean that you have reached your goals and that it is time to relax a bit before taking on something new. A cougar on the prowl could be speaking to you of passion and sexuality or of successfully hunting down your goals to completion. A traveling Cougar could mean that it is checking it’s perimeter boundaries of its territory. Perhaps you need to make sure that your boundaries are being respected. Occasionally a Cougar in your dreams can represent female hostility and intensity. It may imply danger or life threatening situations. It can also mean danger to your social position and well-being. It is important to pay attention to your emotions during these dreams because it will give you important clues as the message cougar is trying to bring you.

Additional Associations with Cougar:

Additional Information about Cougar:

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19 Responses to Cougar

  • I recently had a dream about kneeing in my back yard, which is right on the South Canadian river in Oklahoma. I was looking at a stone that appeared to be a memorial stone with a dogwood flower as its only marking. I suddenly felt something breathing on my neck and I slowly turned around! It was a huge mountain lion and I instantly looked down at the ground and froze. The lion came up to me and began to sniff me all over and then it started to rub it’s neck and body upon me. I tried to stand once to run away, but it very gently put its giant paw upon me and pushed me back down. Then lastly it sprayed me and the stone before it turned and loped off into the woods. I woke up immediately then and wrote down what I saw. I felt like the cougar chose me for some reason. I have some experience with spirit walking and I wondered if the cougar will walk with me on my spirit travels.

  • Had a dream where i had a very little cat, and there was a very big cougar. Strangely enough I didn’t fear the cougar at all, all I thought about was to protect the little cat from that cougar. Always thinking the cougar may want to hurt the cat. The cougar respected me very well and so it was no problem for me, if I want to he stayed away. So I dreamed of different situations where I protected the cat from the cougar, always garbing the cat and let it stay with me. In one situation the cougar even bit me in the hand, but gentle, didn’t hurt me.
    What does this mean?

  • I dreamed that I was in the front yard of my house. It was night time. There were friends in the house ,like a gathering of friends and family. As I got to the door, two cougars attacked. A mother and her adolescent male cub. I screamed for help. No one seemed to hear me. I grabbed them both by the neck in a hold like a wrestler. The cougars were under my control. I banged on the door for help. No one came. I had to fight them on my own bare-handed.The only way to survive was not to let go. By the time someone realized that I needed help, it was too late. I had strangled them both and the danger was over. What does this mean? Is it bad to kill an animal like this even if only in a dream?

  • Had this dream. Was looking out a window from an apartment building and there are wooded areas around the city surroundings . A what looked to be cougar ran into wooded area all I heard was screams like it was real plain as day scream. Watched a man and two others come out of wooded area running and panicking. Than a warning went out on radio or television saying city on lock down stay inside. Than first a cougar came up to our window wasn’t trying to get in was just laying there staring at me. I wasn’t scared in the dream but was worried for my family sake. It finally left thinking everything was settled than came a lion trying to get in but never did .. than I woke up .. plz somebody explain this ?

  • My animal totem is the cougar, we seem to be drawn to each other. A spiritualist commented on being able to see the creature walking with me as if protecting me and guiding me.

  • ive been having dreams of cougars attacking me, what does that indicate?

    • Its trying to tell you something but you wont listen! The spirit is now angry at you! Try to get it to calm its rage.

  • Last night I dreamed that a full grown cougar entered my house, proceeded to walk around casually and making itself at home on my couch. What does this mean. This was a very vivid dream so I think it is a sign.

  • I have been having dreams of a cougar and ravens in my dreams but can’t find a reason to have both in my dreams, the raven is always pruning it’s feathers and the cougar is walking around, if someone can help me figure this out i would like it, I’m have some realateship problem and health is it something to do with that, I was told since I was young the raven was my spirit animal but of late the cougar and raven r both making them self known to me, I need some help plz :???:

    • This is rare :grin: you have the ability to choose to fly with the raven or hunt with the cougar :wink:

      • I also have the crow and the cougar/puma. The crow always cautions me of impending danger. The puma . The eyes are seen in front of mine in unlit areas or the dark. And I resort to feeling and sensing my way :roll:

  • For the past two nights I have dreamt of being bitten by a cougar. I actually woke up grawling trying to get it to leave me alone. I love big cats, so this dream is a little confusing to me.

  • I have encountered a cougar the past three times I have ventured into the mountains on my own. Each time, we both make eye contact but it decides not to attack me. I figured it to be rare to see a cougar in the wild once in your lifetime, but I’ve seen one the past three times like I said and I am beginning to thing this is some sort of sign.

    • Yeah like it’s hunting you!! I live in the mountains and you see a predator more than once your being studied and hunted.. that’s your sign :!:

  • I dreamt of a cougar, mountian lion last week. It peered out of darkness just its face. It looked at me, stared. It was like i was looking at myself. Then it smiled knowingly and backed into the darkness again. I was not afraid. My great, great grandmorher was a medicine woman with a bear totem. I have always had really good reflexes and would pretend to be a ninja as a child while sneaking around. Most people at work fear me but i am not mean. Youre blog is interesting and informative , thank you!

  • I was meditating with a candle lit this evening and in the glass candle holder the flame was flickering fast. When I looked at it, the flame through the glass looked like the face of a cougar with one of the eyes full of flame. It was like gold shining right at me. I was not scared, but asked the cougar what is the message it had for me. It led me here. Thank you for my message Cougar. Peace :grin:

  • :!: my friends spirit animal is a cougar1

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