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Questions and Answers – April 2014

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Question April 29, 2014:

I recently found a beautiful small hawk dead in my back yard. The hawk has been my strongest totem as of late. Any ideas as to the meaning of this?



Hi Donna:

I would say that there is a rebirth of intuition happening in your life right now. Messages that were coming to you the were unclear will now become obvious. Move in the direction that you have been ruminating on – it doesn’t matter if it’s not the right direction – all you have to do is move. Things will become clear with action.

Silken Raven

Question April 26, 2014

Hello, I am very intrigued about this page when I bumped into it as I tried to figure out what the reason of my dream had been about, and I’d like to dig further about the description; to understand more. As the subject states, a prairie dog has encountered my dream, and it’s one of those dreams which concern you, and are very strong for an unknown matter. So, this prairie dog was at my school, I did not enter the school or any outside classes, but just wandered around. The prairie dog was able to speak as a male, and suddenly became my heart of interest whom followed me, and guided me. Even cuddling to my every warmth body part when at rest. What did this represent? The ending was my mother waking me up for a certain reason, and I was just VERY concerned about what that was all about, I never have dreams like that.



Hi Cadenske:

This prairie dog in your dream is trying to wake you up to your own thoughts. For some reason you are choosing to believe information about yourself from an outside source that is absolutely not true. You are going to have to dig deep inside yourself and unravel why you are currently making the choices your are in life and what you true passion and dreams are. Plant the seed that you are worthy of all your desires and they will grow.

Silken Raven

Question April 26, 2014:

Hi! I really love your website and learning about how animals are messengers… I have always loved all animals. I recently adopted a two year old dog from a shelter. She has trouble being left alone and is scared of men and other animals when I take her on walks. Well the first two weeks I walked her she was fine, it seems to be a new fear. I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could listen to her to help her feel better and walks more enjoyable. I tried stuffing her full of treats but she just chokes on them while she barks…any advice on how I could learn to listen to her would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Kristy:

Animals can be more than messengers in our lives. They can be our teachers. I believe that the dog is empathizing with a fear that you have when you take her for a walk. Her response is a direct response to your feelings and thoughts that she will be fearful. Lead her by example. Stay positive, visualize wonderful successful walks before you take her out, and follow through by maintaining the role of confident leader. Start small and go bigger. One step at a time.

Giving her treats when she is fearful is actually affirming her that it is good to be fearful.

Silken Raven

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