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Let go of anger and blame - only then will you be able to see the truth.

If Collie has come across your path;

You are being asked to come home to yourself. All too often we get caught up in the drama all around us – to the point where we lose ourselves and who we are. We get to a state of reacting instead of acting in our own best interests. Collie has come to your aid by reminding you that you need to be faithful and true to yourself and your own goals. Re establish your own priorities and stay focused in the present. Returning to what makes you happy and centered will show you exactly what your next decision will be and enable you to take appropriate action.

If Collie is your Animal Totem;

You are the the “Good Samaritan” in everyone’s life. You live for service to others and will often forgo your own goals and dreams to help others with theirs. You are faithful and loyal to your family and peers and you are highly intelligent. You always have a good sense of direction and when you choose to – can keep your goals in sight singlemindedly. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and have a tendency to want to correct all things that you simply see as “wrong”.

If Collie has come into your dreams;

To dream of a Collie that is travelling or passing through signifies that you need to find your way back home spiritually. You have been giving away too much power to others and have lost your own way because of it. If this dog is in a kennel then it symbolizes that you are feeling trapped or caged in by some situation or dilemma. The first step to freeing yourself is always the recognition that something needs to change.

Alternatively if the dog is resting quietly by your side the dream symbolizes that you are entering a time of peace and contentment with your life. You are now in a position to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work and have in effect “come home to yourself” To dream of a white Collie symbolizes a powerful spiritual awakening that will soon be revealed to you.

Additional Associations for Collie;

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One Response to Collie

  • I thought of looking up the collie because when I was running today I made it all the way up a hill and when I was sitting down to rest two collies run at me from my neighbors house so I instantly get up and when I do I think they will bark at me or something but instead they started sniffing at me then one went away from me all calm and the other just stays directly next to me then when the owner exits his house only one runs to him. So what I did was kinda urge the other to go to the owner but instead turns to look at me then moves a bit more then looks at me again then the owner says “You can keep him if you want!” I just smile and laugh then the collie finally goes to his owner and the owner says thank you sorry it was long I just wanted to get into detail

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