Bulldog Symbolism

Bulldog Symbolism

Dream Interpretation

Make sure you pull your own weight today. Many hands make light work.

If Bulldog has come sauntering across your path;

Bulldog is reminding you to stick with your guns and that it is safe to be stubbornly loyal and determined to do the right thing. However you must also be careful that you are not taking on the roles of judge and jury. A subtle approach will get you much further.

Alternatively breed of dog is letting you know that your opinions are important. However you must be self aware enough to make sure that you don’t have a “My minds made up – don’t confuse me with facts!” attitude.Know yourself well enough to be clear that there is no personal rivalry involved.

If Bulldog is your Animal Totem;

You have a tendency to be a bit passive and complacent unless you are provoked. If you are provoked you become very protective and will move amazingly swiftly to protect those around you and what you perceive to be your territory and family. You are gregarious by nature, enjoy bringing others to laughter, tend to fly under the radar until you choose to make yourself known. You know how to time things to get the best results in life and always manage to accomplish things with a minimum of effort.

Dream Interpretation


  • In my dream the bulldog was dark brown and apparently a puppy. The dog was very happy and playful jumping and playing with me. The dog was attached to me.

  • I think one possibility is that you love yourself and know how to protect yourself, but fear this may be rage or your dark side, and so you lock it up. This part of you is powerful!

    How did you feel about bulldogs prior to the dream? And what color was the dog, its teeth, the cage, etc? This is all information to help you interpret. Also since the dog had been obeying you since it was a puppy, perhaps it was a child part of yourself who is ready to do what it was born to do, to be set free and be in its – your – power. Perhaps there is no more need for defense.

  • In my dream I had a very ferocious fully grown & healthy bulldog since the time he was a puppy. He would just obey me and was ready to tear apart anyone who was causing me harm thus I had kept him in a cage. What do I understand out of this? This is the first time ever I really felt like looking up for my dream interpretation! 😐

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