Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres Symbolism

You are making a difference in peoples lives.
-Bouvier des Flandres

If Bouvier des Flandres has come across your path;

He is reminding you that you are full of magic and miracles every single day. Take a good look around you and count your blessings with gratitude and faith. Know that you are a being of infinite power and wisdom and have the abilities to reach all of your goals.

Alternatively Bouvier des Flanders may be asking you to take a good look at yourself and how you present yourself to others. Know that you can be perceived as intimidating and all powerful even if you are the gentlest of souls. Allow all your traits to blend and know that it is safe for others to see your softness as well.

If Bouvier des Flandres is your Animal Totem;

You have a very pleasant nature and gentle personality although you tend to look intimidating to others. You take responsibility seriously and never let those who are counting on you down. You are intelligent, enjoy supervisory roles with your work and are extremely good at timing your moves exactly right. Your loyalty to your peers and employers is very well known.

You are also athletic and agile however a bit on the lazy side and have to push yourself to exercise. You enjoy mental stimulation in the form of puzzles and problem solving. You are very family oriented, aloof with strangers and assertive when challenged.

If Bouvier des Flandres has come into your dreams;

If Bouvier des Flanders is working a herd of other animals the dream symbolizes that you must trust your instincts in a current situation and allow those instincts to guide your decisions. Let go of appearances and simply do what is right for you. If the Dog is pulling a cart it could represent a burden you have been unable to let go of. Spend time working through it and elevate your consciousness to free yourself. If the Dog is on his own he is demonstrating to you that you have the confidence and will to accomplish your goals.

Additional Associations for Bouvier des Flandres:


  • Hi there today a very strange situation happened i was in the kitchen and my daughter was walking towards leaving room, suddenly she shout mommy what is that I go quickly and I saw outside in the front yard we have a Chinese maple tree on the top of the tree a bird was sitting she asked mom what kind of bird is that I replied is a hawk and I know who came to visit . The hawk turn his head to us observing he stayed for a good 10 minutes looking at us. Does anybody else know or can explain is the first time we saw a hawk in New York.

  • Great video. I would add stubbornness to the description. They take a very alpha personality to train, but it will be worth it. They are wonderful dogs.

  • Very informative 🙂
    Was actually searching re: Spirit Animal Newfoundland/Dog … (the beautiful Bouvier is closest I could find).
    Might you have any information that is a little more specific to the Newfoundland breed?
    Thank you, Patti (BC)

    • Hi Patti: have a look at Old English Sheepdog and Labrador Retriever as well as the Golden. The Newfoundland seems to have many similar traits to these. I am hoping that I will eventually get a chance to do a full posting on Newfoundland.

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