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Boston Terrier

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Happiness is a byproduct of love, compassion and empathy for yourself.
-Boston Terrier

“Boston Terrier” Contributed by Anne McDonald

If Boston Terrier has come across your path;

You are reminded that in order to be kind to others, you must work on exercising greater compassion on yourself. You may have spent your entire life trying to make others happy, to alleviate their pain or to share your resources with the needy. However, once in a while, it pays to pause and ask yourself if you have somehow your physical, mental or psychological health. Be kind to yourself in small ways. Treat yourself to a relaxing vacation, try a little yoga or meditation to ease your stress, and don’t hesitate to indulge in your favorite activity, whether this be reading, exercising or simply walking in a natural setting. In time, you will see that when you feel calm and fulfilled, your motivation and ability to share yourself with others grows exponentially.

Additionally, you may need to trust yourself more; go with your intuition when you encounter new people and situations. You should not be afraid to choose the journey you instinctively know is right. When you are true to yourself, it is easier to have no regrets. It also eliminates the need to blame others when the results are not as you would have liked.

If Boston Terrier is your Animal Totem;

You are very sociable and feel a deep longing when you are separated from your loved ones. You would rather do something mundane with friends and family, than travel the world in search of adventure, alone. You tend to be most comfortable at home, though you are also very active and need to get your heart racing to calm down your nerves. You are playful and childlike at heart, though you are also deeply loyal and sensitive to the suffering of others. This makes you a good friend and loyal family member whom others tend to love and cherish deeply.

If Boston Terrier has come into your dreams;

To dream of a Boston Terrier is an omen for being more daring and open to new people and experiences. One should never create a ‘closed’ list of loved ones. Surprises are always around the corner and the best come in the form of new friends. A Boston Terrier is deeply loyal to its owner but is also happy to greet strangers, especially to those who share an interest in them. Their trusting attitude is one you can learn and benefit greatly from, in both the practical and spiritual sense. Expanding one’s social circle opens many new doors—perhaps to a new job, social circle or hobby. It also enables you to accept help when needed, and to have someone to lean on for support, or to listen to you in times of strife, or to help you with day-to-day tasks. Being with others also enables you to share laughter, which is often the best medicine.


Additional Associations for Boston Terrier;

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2 Responses to Boston Terrier

  • Boston Terrier came to me in my meditation this morning! Kind of random, but I’m being initiated as a shaman so I’ve been visited by many of the animals. The energy I got was very loving, and reassuring- I did feel kind of a “treat yourself” vibe. This post was so accurate, thanks again. 🙂

  • wow, this actually sums me up quite accurately,and I did the random one, and although none of these have crossed my physical path,or dream path it sums me up to a tee,i haven’t read the dream because i have not dreamt about these…. Thankyou spirit guide
    Blessings and love for you

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