Big Cats

Big Cats

Be aware of all sides of the situation. Use compassionate comprehension of the why's and wherefore's so that you can skillfully navigate through.

This page focuses on the Big Cats. As each new one is added to the larger website those of you with an affinity for the Big Cats can also come here for the random messages specific to the Big Cats. The Message Quotation box will draw from all of the messages available from the Big Cats listed below. You can also go directly to your favorite Big Cat by clicking on their image or name.

If the Big Cats have crossed your path:

To see several of the Big Cats either together or closely together is a reminder of how powerful you really are. It is also a reminder that others close to you, although different from you, can be just as powerful. Imagine what would happen if you all came together for a common goal! Co-operation is key with this symbol.

Alternatively these cats can also symbolize that there is strength in open communication. Take the time to believe that others around you will fully understand what it is you desire to communicate. There is no need for you to hide who you are from anyone. Trust that they will be able to integrate your revelations about yourself without withdrawing their support.

If several of the Big Cats are your Totem:

You have the capability to do the work of many without help. You are a natural leader and as soon as you embark on your personal purpose in life you will inspire many others to follow you. You believe in self expression, and are unafraid of allowing others to see who you really are. You are powerful yet very subtle and yet allow your vulnerability to show.

To Dream of the Big Cats;

To see one of the Big Cats in your dream represents the feminine aspects of yourself which you have neglected or overlooked. You may also be looking for excitement in your social sphere or in your sex life. To dream of a large pride of mixed cats symbolizes that you have not allowed your true self to shine through for others to see. Be yourself. If you are surrounded by these large cats and feeling threatened it is a symbol of the need to go inward. You are feeling hemmed in somehow. Someone or something is not allowing you to express yourself fully.

Common Associations of the Big Cats: