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Know when to withdraw and take the time to think things through. Use your introspection wisely.

When Bear comes strolling across your path:

It’s time to go inward and explore the notion of your very existence. Delve deep into your heart to find the significance of your own path and journey. Know that you are free to roam at will along your own path.

If this Bear has cubs close at hand or a Bear cub visits you make sure you bring your children closer to you. It could signify that you need to connect closely with the kids around you and ensure that they are safe, free of fear and free from harm.

If Bear is your Animal Totem:

You have a great deal of patience in manifesting your ideas and projects waiting for just the right moment to spring them on the universe.. You have a great deal of confidence in who you are and where you are going in life. You are looked upon as an authority figure. You are nurturing and protect your children well.

If Bear comes drifting through your Dreams:

It could signify that it is time to explore your thoughts. Are you caught in the rut of compulsive thinking? Perhaps you have allowed other to do your thinking for you! Step back and re assess things. Go inward and find your true feeling on this matter and follow what you know is right in your heart.

Additional Associations for Bear….

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72 Responses to Bear

  • Hi, I had an extremely vivid and emotional dream, which is not normal for me. I dreamt I was in a suburb and a large bear came to me. The poor thing had an injured face and looked to be sad and needing help. The houses were all near the forest and it was gated so I rushed to find an opening he could use to get back. We saw other people who startled the bear and I had to calm him down and find another way. It took a long time. Then the craziest thing happened when we finally made it through the thicket; I heard a gunshot. I was terrified the bear was hit, but it wasn’t. I saw a hunter then a tattooed boy fell on the ground. He looked peaceful and I didn’t feel like I needed to run to him. I was still worried about the bear. Right before I woke up I saw him walking away, but he looked at me before as if to say thank you. I felt the rush of relief and woke up.

    • Cheryl,
      Note the time you posted this comment. Look up Angel number 222.
      Your dream feels to me political in nature. The strong animal with the hurt face. Suburbs vs Nature. We are in challenging times in our country, would you say? Perhaps you are called to be a leader in your community? The tatooed boy? Do you stand out from the crowd? Do you feel personally “wounded” by what’s happening in our country, but not “really” physically hurt?” Your dream and question was so timely that I just had to write. Namaste.

  • Hi
    I had a dream last night I was inside the house and saw a small animal in my backyard then looked again a saw a big black bear eating the animals then the bear sees me looking out and comes towards me that’s when I woke up
    What does this mean

  • I had a dream where a past partner was lying in bed and I walked outside and was on the verandah of a house that was unfamiliar. I saw three black bears and they were playing with children. A bear noticed me and came charging for me aggressively. I climbed up on the roofing where it looked like scaffolding. As I went across the wooden planks as I looked down I could see the house. I heard the bear than saw the bear had climbed up and still chasing me. I called out to my father to grab the rifle and shoot. At the start of the dreamt I felt good when I walked out onto the verandah but then I felt threatened and wanted to run away.

    Can anyone please tell me meaning?

  • I’ve been looking everywhere about my bear dream! I found only one person. Well I dreamed I was chasing a tiny sized grizzly bear! He ran towards me once I realized it wasn’t a bug but a real bear. I was excited! It ran up to me stated at me as if it were afraid I chased it in disbelief. It ran so fast then in the hallway there were more but I can’t remember what animals but it got away

  • I dreamt last night that I was in my childhood home, on my closed porch facing the lake when a brown bear came running from the distance across the lake which was frozen and covered with snow. The bear came running straight at me, I felt nothing, it came mere feet from reaching me before it veered to it’s right and went around the house. I looked out the window and i believe there was an animal of some sort outside on the ground to my left, I do not remember this animal or what it was.

  • I recently had a dream, I became a bear and I climbed a few stairs. Until I got to a place where I started eating honey. Can it have any meaning?

    • The one thing people forget when deciphering dreams is that you need to put together the feeling in the dream along with actions of in your case the bear in your dreams ,, a lot of the time the feeling is more important then the thing (bear) in your dreams … If you could remember the feeling you had to accompany the actions of the bear let me know ,, I can then help .. I’ve been deciphering dreams for many years now and there isn’t too many I can’t sort out ,, it helps as well that I have some gifts that help with things like this too.. I Can help with this and anyone else’s dream interpretation a lil more in depth then the sites can so feel free to email me and anyone else reading this could do the same .. I do dreams, and in some cases can get assistance from the physic world at times too ..

      • I don’t know how to post directly so I’m replying but this is a new post. Looking for thoughts. I was at my home and working with three friends I used to wor with. All of whom I like very much. I got up to look out of my window and noticed three adorable fuzzy black bear cubs playing in the yard. I was delighted to see them and exclaimed to my friends to come look. Suddenly, they were in the kitchen right next to me. They were adorable and nuzzling me. I fed them with whatever was in my hand. In the back of my mind I knew they cold be dangerous but the overwhelming feeling was playful. I just loved playing with them. I did notice one was a little thinner than the others and was concerned for her. Overall it was sweet and exciting. Any thoughts?

        • Hi dms

          Bears are a symbol of renewel and in your case I believe it has more to do with your time you spent working with your friends .
          Maybe it’s time to try it again , it sounds very much like you are at a point in life where growth and independence is coming , however there is a definet link between this coming moment and your past friends , look out for oppurtunities that come in regards to doing somthing new with old friends ,, it will be a moment of growth ,,
          Hope this helps

          • At the beginning of the dream. I felt alone, but when I became a bear and started up the stairs that stopped caring. When after climbing the stairs I finally arrived at the place where the honey was only thinking about enjoying it.

          • Hi Tespa
            The bear is a symbol of renewel and independence . Perhaps with the alone feeling you had sends a message that in the beginning of an issue in your life you were feeling isolated and like you had no one to really talk with but turning into a bear and getting to the end of your Horner (as bear) denotes that you will soon arrive a a spiritual moment to which you are satisfied with your progression (up the stairs) .if your going through a change in life right now or it’s just ending know that this all means you will be feeling independent and it is needed to help you gain the upper hand in regards to life’s journeys .what you have been seeking will soon be recognized , try not to forget the ones that helped you alone the way no matter how small because in their life at that moment of helping you it took them a lot to put aside their journey to help you progress ..
            Hope this helps .

      • If you’re still in touch with your psychic abilities and dream reading, I’d like to get your assistance with some dreams and any other reading type methods you may have. How would I go about emailing you?

      • How do I find your email address? I have a few events that has taken place that would be interesting to know more insight on them. Thank you for your time! 💡

  • I had a strange dream where I was walking along a river and saw a bear on all fours in a large clearing, it spoken to me so as it walked I followed. It spoke but I do not regocnize the tongue it used. My name was used once or twice, after traveling a few yards it swallowed me, no attack no mauling or ripping it just…. swallowed me then I woke up. I would really like to know what it means or an idea of what it means.

  • Please, someone explain this to me; I have been having this rather bothering dream lately; two to be exact. They are very similiar but still different.

    Both dreams start in front of or close to my childhood friend’s house, that is surrounded by pine forest. In the dream, I seem younger than I am, making me look like a child. I’m on a road that goes throug the forest with some friends, whose faces I never make out, but there is a bear on the road.

    This is where the dreams start to differ, in my first dream, there is a tall fence around the bear, a cage, separating us. I’m terrified, as the bear follows me by the fence and growls at me. I have to go through, but I’m too scared to move. I see my childhood friend’s father, and ask him to walk with me through the bears cage. He agrees and explains that the bear is tame and I should just walk through. It however follows us as we walk, still growling at me.

    In the other dream, I’m with three boys, all different ages, and I have never met them before. This time there is no cage, and we calmly start to walk by that house. Suddenly, the youngest says he saw a bear behind us. I turn around and I see a dark silhuet of a bear in the distance, slowly coming towards us. We panic and try to escape, as the bear comes closer. I run to the house, and hide, trembling in fear in the empty house. Then, the eldest boy comes, and tells that everything is alright. Again, I have never met this older boy, yet I’m terrified of the thought of letting him go as he leads me back home.

    I have seen them (both bear and the boys) in my dreams a couple of times now, and I call the boy as a big brother, but I am the oldest of my siblings. Please, what does this mean?

  • Last night I dreamt that a big black mama bear and her cub walked up to me and she bowed at my feet. I was scratching her back and felt as if we were one energy! I carried on up a few flights of stairs and she followed me. Three of my friends were watching from a distance and we’re scared for me, but I was at total peace! I woke up feeling AMAZING!

  • last night I had a dream of a brown bear and a black bear playing in my yard. one looked at me while I was started to see him/her but kept playing with the other bear. sliding on my kids lslude. running around the yard but these were adult bears . :

  • Hello. Glad I found this site. For a while I have been dreaming of Grizzly bears. Mostly in a home where they are downstairs and I’m upstairs afraid they will get to me. Just recently I dreamnt of a black bear who had gray hair on back of its paw. I will say I listen to all animal signs. I have a crow who visits usually before something important happens. My Great Great Grandmother had a lot of Cherokee in her blood. I have always been Different. I embrace it. Thank you.

  • I had a dream I saw a mother bear and began running,and then saw 3 cubs,and continued running. I have been concerned for my children’s safety lately. Any thoughts from others? Thank you kindly

    • You are dreaming about a bear because you are worrying for your children. Before you go to sleep each night, for as long as this takes, imagine yourself as a powerful mother bear, up on her hind legs, looking at the Sky God for strength, and KNOWING that she (YOU) are STRONG ENOUGH to defend your children from the universe. The kids will get the strength. And you will become friends with the bear and stop worrying!!!

  • I’ve been having some strange spiritual dreams lately. I spoke to a Cree Elder about one with a word I woke up with that was so loud and defined. Wananeeche. I was told spirits were trying to tell me something and to pray for clarity, also do a smudge. The Crwe word I was told meant……Wana- lost and neeche meaning- me. I did all of that and a few weeks later i had a dream that was about a baby brown cub. This cub was snuggling and rubbing on me as I held it. What does this mean? I haven’t had any other dreams since then either. I am a metis. Thank you.

    • What a beautiful dream 🙂
      I love contemplating dreams, the answers they provide and once again questions.
      In my opinion, I think you are both the cub and the one cradling it.

      Contemplate what it means to be the bear, to be held and snuggled by a human, what does that mean to the bear?
      Why were you holding and snuggling the bear? Were you afraid of it? Did it cross your mind that people are afraid of bears or that some people shoot them for prize?
      Did you want to protect it? Make it happy? Why wasn’t it scared of you?
      Ask your guides to keep showing you the story. Accept the message without judgement, nor expect a message every time you ask. They know what they are doing and will catch you up to speed when it’s appropriate. For now think about the messages they give you, what they do (or do not) mean to you and how you might consider trying to apply them to your daily life.

  • My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child for over two years. It has been very difficult waiting patiently and sometimes I get very sad. Last night I had a dream that I was in a deep pool of water swimming while witnessing a man and woman synchronize swim. It was beautiful, seeing them move together so gracefully. I got out of the pool and was dried off by my childhood friend who appeared very pregnant. I was then going to walk to a small wooded cabin hidden in the forest to rest and stay warm. I sensed there were bear in the forest so I clapped my hands against the bark of a cedar tree and started to sing (something i do when hiking alone to keep mountain lion away). As I turned down the path to the cabin, a brown bear / possibly a grizzly came running full speed (on its hind legs like a human) and ran into me. I felt the weight and fur of the animal atop me and awoke afraid. It felt like the animal entered me and we were breathing together. The bear was also afraid I sensed and I wanted to comfort it but was so aware of its size and power knew it could destroy me. What do you think the message is here? My whole life I have loved bear. As a baby and toddler I grew up on a bear skin rug that was gifted to my grandfather from a native. My grandmother also always gifted me bears and bear symbols throughout my life. I don’t know what the fear means? I would like to better understand this powerful dreamtime encounter.

    • I am with you.

    • WOW!!! JUST WOW!!! I can already tell that you nurture SO MANY!!! (You are already more of a “mother” than most could ever dream…) I believe that you have SO much love, and SO MUCH power, that you are a little bit afraid of actually having a cub…you need to just let go…let it go…let it go on, and on and on…Give the universe it’s chaos. Give yourself a break. Let the accidents happen and be in love with whatever emerges!

  • I dreamed the other night of a grizzly bear high up in the Alaska Range, above the tree line in the snow. I was lying down with it, and the bear and I were hugging each other. Then it got up and ran through swirling snow higher, toward the peak. I was following it, though it was kind of hard to see through the thick snow. I found this fascinating, and it brought me peace for unknown reasons. Any thoughts? I’m very curious!

  • I was just walking home 2 hours ago and my feet were sore I took of my sandals and four houses before mine a black bear walked out under the street light looked at me for a bit and turned around and proceeded to walk behind the houses, grunting as walk while both of us continued to walk side by side but opposite sides of the street. I just found out two months ago my family comes from Mi’kmaq descent and we are part of the Bear Clan, and 25 years ago an elder said I was spirit bear…would I be able to have a better understanding of my honoured experience. 🙂

    • You are closer to your family than you think. However there is some growing indifferent to your absence, you must excite the bear with your interest in your family and it’s meaning to allow him closer, show interest in the bear by asking it to continue showing it. Be patient and act kindly, you were gone from the bear a long time, he might be aloof if you expect a warm welcome. Follow his lesson without judgement and if you enjoy what he will show you, build the relationship and follow. If you decide to ignore the bear again he will go back to being around, but indifferent.

      Also, the bear is not indifferent because he doesn’t love you or want you back, the absence makes him forget you are a part of his tribe just as you didn’t know until recently. If your family information was kept hidden or secret from you tell the bear you’re sorry and didn’t know any better. They are nicer than you think. If you willfully ignored chances to connect or learn about your family then expect to work for it a lil’ more. Nothing you can’t handle 🙂

  • Last night was my first time seeing a black bear up close & I hit it with my vehicle :-/ it ran away unscathed but appeared to be running away from something unseen in a cemetery.

  • Last year, I was out on a small hike when I came across a black bear on the trail. I had to follow it to get back to my car. I left him space and he just followed the path. Once at the parking lot he turned approached me, within arm’s reach, sniffed and went on his way. I didn’t think much beyond it being an amazing encounter. Now, I wonder if there was maybe meaning behind his appearance. Either way, it was an experience I will never forget.

  • In my past dreams the bear is always chasing me and I’m really scared in my dreams. In one dream I was with my oldest child. We saw the bear and start running. My child goes a different direction then I. The bear keeps chasing her and I scream and wake up crying. I have never been able to figure these dreams out. Is the bear my sprit animal?

    • Dear Cassie

      The message from the black bear is to connect within yourself, to connect to all those times in life when you faced situatioms against all odds and rose up. Its about connecting to your inner gold … your inner power that you have demonstrated in your past and have courageously come across.

      Stop running about … pause …. and taste the honey and sweetness of your life … of your inner sweetness and inner gold. Once you do so many creative possibilities and people will mèet you and you will once again rise and shine 🙂 with love the Black Bear

  • I have a bear visit my house many times a day. Black bear… a 🙁 very large black bear. It will not go away. I am also going through the most challenging time of my life. I believe the bear is my spirit animal coming to guide me….

    • I am going through the exact same thing right now. Every single day the bear comes here only when I’m outside looks at me and then leaves and I’m going through one of the most life-changing hardest times in my life right now as well this is the new guide for me and I’m having hard time understanding what I’m supposed to be learning at this point

      • I am fascinated by what I am reading here about the bear. All my life I have been drawn to bears, yet I seem to find them very rarely. It’s so much true that I have had them near me and everyone can see them but me. I have only been able to see them near water or fishing, and how special that was for me. I am a Christian, but it was on a Christian Pilgrimage I learned about Mother Bear being my totem. The strength in me that I needed at that time in my life was tremendous. I believe God instilled in me this totem and I am able to weather more storms than before. Abear can handle a rainstorm or snow and suffer great hunger and fatigue to protect and feed her young. Her live is undying. I am glad that God revealed this to me. I often think of Mother Bear and how comforting she must be to her young and yet fierce. Now that I have a teen-ager, I see this in myself. A fierce patient love that nothing can destroy. And hopes all things, endures all things, and believes all things.

      • The bear is challenging you to get his attention and look him in the eye, (aka the window to the soul)
        when you stare into someones soul you can see deep down we are all the same, all connected somehow.
        When you can face the bear in the eye (aka face your fear) you will not only have the strength to power through your current situation but will come out wiser knowing you can handle anything the bear represents because you are a part of him.
        Remember the bear hibernates until it is strong. The bear knows he needs time to build his confidence and strength, so don’t come out with the strength of the bear without the stamina and confidence to see it to the end. Think about what needs to be said and done, when you are sure of it, do what needs to be done and don’t look back.
        Sending good vibes your way and best of luck.

  • I had a bear visit my campsite the other night. It was about maybe 15 to 20 ft away ( which is a very close distance). I made eye contact with it, it gave a small growl then ran away. Every time I camp, there is a bear physically around me. Most of the time I’m asleep, but I’ll hear it growl or it brushes past my tent and wakes me up, this time I was already awake when I saw it. I’ve just recently realized the bear might be one of my guides. A friend put the thought in my head since Everytime I camp there’s a bear. Should I accept that he might be guiding me?

  • I had a bear and a deer run across my path as I was driving through the Canadian Rockies..in Mount Robson Park, BC. Never had that happen to me before. I believe it to be giving me messages

  • The bear is one of my spirit animals and I believe the dream description of the bear in this article is correct in maybe some instances, but not in mine…I feel now the bear is a sign in my dreams to have courage and go full force into the object of my desire (which in my dream was protecting the earth and life upon it that the humans were destroying…) I was with a large group of people at the ocean side watching the capture of whales and specifically a mother and twin calves…we observers just watched in awe, not knowing what to do..but from my left side a bear spray forward at full force towards one of the men. The man had out a shotgun pointed at the bears head but that did not deter her, she sprang upon the men and bent his rifle upwards and mauled him to death. The instant that happened the entire crowd cheered which suprised me that other people felt the same way about protecting animals that I do and I was filled with such gratitude for the (majority) of humanity at that moment.. That or the bear tends to symbolize my unconscious fears and motherhood even… My mind is clear and at ease lately, but we all attach different meanings to animals…especially when it is an animal that we connect on a deep level with which for me is bears, whales, and birds.. XD

  • I had a dream last night i went hiking alone and I was hiking up a mountain and once I reached the top I saw a bear and I was calm and approached the bear and I told him I only wanted to take a picture of him and he told me that was ok and I was surprised that the bear talked to me and the bear told me not to be scared and that he was a native American spirit animal and he was a bear and he told me that this Saturday I was going to find something I was looking for a very long time and I asked him if it was a stuff animal panda and he noded yes and I smiled and sure enough when I woke up that morning I went to a junk shop and I found the stuff animal panda and the guy that works there gave me the stuff animal panda bear for free

  • I believe my mom’s totem, or one of them at least, is a bear.
    I study metaphysics and philosophy, so totems is part of the curriculum. Learning of the bear reminds me very much of her. The Dolphin and Dragonfly also remind me of her. Just as the Hummingbird reminds me of my grandmother.

  • I had a dream that we were staying in a cabin and found a cub. He was hungry and we fed it. It wouldn’t leave. We tried to take him back into the woods but he’d return. He was adorable but his claws would inadvertently destroy things or cut me.

  • I have dreamed of wolves and bears since I was a toddler. When there are bears in my dreams someone in my family or close to me dies
    The wolves use to scare me as a child but now I feel a kinship with them and am fascinated with them.

  • I had a wild dream where i was being chased by something or someone . at the very end just a moment before i would have gotten to safety still not knowing if i would make it, i turned into an extremely beautiful, large, powerful bear. I felt as if although part of the bear i was still completely independent and my human self. I immediately with tremendous force heard and saw the bear say “remember love” immediately after he said that the bear just annihilated whatever was chasing me with an insane amount of power and there was a moderate amount in those split seconds emphasis on his claws. Whatever fear i had was totally destroyed thanks to my huge bear friend/self. What could this mean?

  • One time I had a dream where I was strolling through a pine forest. It had calm lakes, peaceful wind, and majestic mountains. As I was turning around to head back to the tent (the dream started off as me being in the tent), I saw a huge brown bear right in front of me (I couldn’t tell if it was a grizzly or kodiak bear because the dream was a bit faint). It stared directly into my eyes for several seconds, and as I was beginning to get nervous, the bear started to stand straight up on it’s hind legs, and proceeded to stare. I was scared beyond belief, but several moments later, the bear went down on all fours and walked away. When I awoken, I was so confused. It affected me so much that I wanted to start doing major research on bears. I’m not exactly sure on what the dream meant, but it made me feel more confident on challenging things in my life.

  • Whilst partisipsting in some shamanic drumming I had a vision of a brown bear looking towards me with his paws on a fallen tree along with s owls face iv done some reading about the bear and it seems to be stop on for my current life period could you please try to give me a little more understanding on both the animals together thanks Lauren x 😆

  • I recently had a tribal massage, during which Ihad a vision of a huge grizzly bear standing on hind legs and growling at an Indiangirl wwhose back was to me and she would look back at me sadly .but Iwas not aafraid, the massus told me I had a great deal of bear healing or strong connection with the bear he was my totem Iwas the bear .iIwould like to get help into the meanings he is here for. Any thoughts?

  • My dream for about a week has been a Kodiak BrownbBear, even though I was afraid, it seemed to just watch over me and protect, where ever I went, it went, but did not harm me, when time to go to sleep he just laid down outside and just watched me…any insight…

  • Hi! I’ve been taking a few spirit animal tests and I’ve been seen as “social” & “confident”, but i don’t see me as any of those things. Why is that? Is the tests just wrong? ❓

  • In my dream I was moving into an house with a girlfriend. Which is funny cause I’m married. I have a husband. Before I knew I was outside putting my lawnmower away when a small bear cub appeared in a dog kennel along with 2 small dogs. The small dogs were barking at me to alreat me. I felt sad for the small cub as iI turned around to my right. I saw the bid brown mother bear.she didn’t chase me aggressively. Felt that she was just trying to protect her cub. I ended up on top of the kennel the small dogs were in. What do you thinkit might mean. I was nnot scared when I woke up.

  • I have had lots of bears come to my dreams. All of them mean something to me in life and I know that. It’s something I experienced and it has changed me as a person today. It has guided me through tough times and only comes back to me twice a year and the same time of year. I analyze my dreams about these bears and its always a kermode bear (spirit bear) what does this mean. And I can tell the difference between polar bears and kermode a because ive searched it a lot with the years I’ve had it. I’m just having troubles interpreting all of it. What does it mean.

  • hi guys im doing a spirit animal legend project thingy anyone wanna help meÉ its due january 5 2015 🙁 my email is heeyeonk27@gmail.com pm me asap please ❗

  • I just dreamed that 5 bears chased me up a tree
    a mother and three cubs climbed the tree beside me and the other circled through the park below me
    I was scared but i didn’t climb very high
    they didn’t hurt me
    the large numbers certainly caught my attention!

  • The grizzly bear in my dream was very aggressive. It was angry at me for something and wanted to kill me. I was running away…closing gates to stop it..it tore them down to shreds…into a house and shut the door…it broke the door down. Into a chainlinked enclosed tennis court…it tore down that too…Into a shopping mall with lots of people Christmas shopping and it only went after me..tearing down clothes racks and shelves.. It was roaring mad with spit flying. Right before it got to me..I remembered I could fly…up I flew…just in time as it swiped at my feet. Then it started jumping at me, almost reaching me as I flattened myself to the ceiling. I could not get away from this enraged bear…I didn’t understand what I did to make it so angry that it wanted to kill me….then I woke up.

  • I recently had a dream me and my boyfriend were walking in the woods and could not figure out what we were smelling just kept saying whats that smell and all the sudden we look up the hill and this bear is running full force at us and then stops in front of me then I wake up. It was the most realistic dream I have ever had. Any insight?

  • Last night I dreamt that a brown bear kept crossing my path even while I was in a house. I then realized that it wanted to devour me! In that same dream wolves were also prevalent and trying to get to me. None of the animals seemed interested in anyone else in the dream, only me. It was odd to me though that while I was afraid in the dream I did not wake feeling frightened.
    Any thoughts on the meaning(s)?
    😀 Thank you.

    • I grew up having a dream like this. I can remember at least 3 nights, years apart, where I dreamt my house (up in the woods of nh) was surrounded by brown bears.. I tried running to each window to cover it, running to each door to lock it, and as soon as I would touch the door a bear would charge through. Next thing you know they were all working their way into the house and the bathroom was the only place I could hide to feel safe. This dream has always woken me up because of the fear I felt. And its always made me wonder what it could mean.. I’m ordering the book “The Dreamer’s Dictionary”, if a meaning finds its way to me I will let you know

  • The bear is my totem at this time in my life. In meditation, I saw a flash of a black bear growling, ready to fight. What might this aggression mean?

    • If you feel the bear spirit is you then it probably means that either you need to be more aggressive or you are an inner termoil.
      bears are almost always only aggressive if there is a need, maybe you have a need.

  • I have owl et unicorn totem on my right side et bear on my left…any insight? Much appreciated!

    • Hello Katrina; To interpret that in a brief and quick way – I would say that you must integrate wisdom with knowledge, magic and purity in everything you do (right side) The bear on your left is the introspection and exploration of your emotions.

  • What do albino black bear cubs means if you see them?

    • Hello Bertha: Albino or white animals outside of their normal coloration’s are always an emphasis of the message. There is a strong spiritual component to whatever the message the Animal is trying to convey. Pay very close attention to the quotation box when you return to this page.

    • you could be seeing Polar Bears.

    • There is actually a small subspecies of black bears with white coats known as Kermode bears or spirit bears. They’re not albino (they dont have pink eyes for example) but rather the result of a double recessive gene. They are extremely powerful messengers and have great importance to the indigenous peoples where they are found (mostly around British Columbia, Canada). Here’s some basic info:

      I would also suggest researching what the local legends say about them.

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