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It's time to take action. Whatever you have been procrastinating on it is time to simply get it done. It's not as big a chore as you think it is.

If Antelope has come bounding through your life:

It is time to take action and allow the antelope to show you the way. Use their keen eyesight to see the path being offered before you. Make your decisions wisely by using your instincts rather than your intellect. Follow your gut feelings and quickly make up your mind. This animal can also show you how to adapt to the most difficult of situations. Using this medicine will show you how to find greater love and an abundance of life in most anything you encounter.

Alternatively this totem could represent the need to be watchful of your surroundings. There is something amiss and you need to tend to it.

If Antelope is your Totem:

People with this totem are usually quick-witted and intelligent. You know how to stay centered in the moment. You enjoy socializing and  communication with others. Your curiosity is intense and you are full of questions, questions, and questions. The questions are meant for the gaining of knowledge that will lead to personal  wisdom. Those with an antelope totem are prone to have very active imaginations. You can also tend to be a bit on the skittish side if you are not well grounded. People with this totem should also be careful that they do not sacrifice themselves in the process of trying to please others.

To Dream of an Antelope:

To see an antelope in your dream suggests that your highest ambitions will only be achieved through the use of a great deal of energy. You will experience a lot of success as a result of your dedication to details and hard work. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you its time to flee or retreat from the current situation that you find yourself in. To dream of an antelope laying down means that you are missing an opportunity that has been presented to you. Dreaming of a dead antelope that you have missed an opportunity and it is no longer available to you.

Additional Associations for Antelope:

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7 Responses to Antelope

  • I was walking home from somewhere,suddenly an antelope start chasing me ,i run to my family home and the antelope was trying to face me,like someone he loved,i was shouting looking for help to kill the antelope ,before someone could run from outside to my family home,the antelope enter into my family home from the door and he didn’t come out of my family any more..the antelope was in my home before i wake up

    • UC
      In your case this antelope is symbolic to your need to flee or retreat from a situation that’s showed or soon will. Its also a sign that your high ambitions are fulfilled only at the cost of a very high energy expenditure.
      When it ran into your family home that’s your (sanctuary) the accompanying feeling that it was trying to face you as if you were one that it loved says that this situation that is or will come is family related and will take a lot out of you in order for it to be confronted.
      Now the big question is why do you think you felt like you needed to kill this animal?
      This ties into the message that your subconscious wants to put an end to this situation before it effects the ones that are closest to you .(family)…
      Be careful to watch now your decisions regarding ending this situation does not strike others as such that you don’t care .
      I get the sense that this will revolve around your parents in one way or another but the most energy will be spent on another trying to make them at ease ,, perhaps sibling …

      All the best

  • I have known since I was a little girl that pronghorn was my totem. I could never explain why I was drawn to pronghorn, outdoors, on television, in pictures, and in research. Their uniqueness (no other animal in the world is like them), their coloration, their intelligence and behavior have all been mesmerizing to me. I often dream of pronghorn, am a doe pronghorn in dreams, or pronghorn appears to me throughout the day, sometimes literally in my back yard or cross the road on my way to work. Only after I see her or him, do I understand what the day holds for me. I love pronghorn!

  • Also alppi, if the fawn was colored, it might have symbolized you and a new beginning for you, the gazelle was probably trying to protect you as you grow!

    -Hailey Prophet

  • I saw an antelope running and sheilding me in my dream. I also saw a baby antelope looked almost like a pup. Fawn colored in same dream. I dont understand the meaning

    • Hello alppi,
      I think the antelope is trying to tell you that it is there for you and is your Spirit animal. I had a dream similar to yours. I am going to summarize it though: in the dream, a young girl (about my age) was standing in front of me at quite a distance. She ordered a golden leopard (Who was standing beside her) to kill me. I was shocked and turned to run, but got the distant feeling that there was an even stronger presence near by and that I shouldn’t run away. Then something caught my eye; a huge black jaguar that had GLOWING purple eyes. she looked at me and time stopped, we had a strong connection with each other, and I knew she was mine. Then she snarled, time unfroze, and the leopard was running at me. Then suddenly the jaguar was upon the leopard and gracefully killed it with one bite at the neck. The girl gasped, and the jaguar roared in my face telling me to run, then I woke up. I named her “Isra” for she traveled at night to see me (can also be pronounced Israa). I saw her in other dreams too. -look up gazelle spirit animal this might help you compare it to yourself! -Hailey Prophet

  • I AM AMAZED …especially by one telling thing that i envisioned while grounding myself. I WOULD NEVER HAVE IMAGINED THE ANTELOPE. How very awe inspiring!

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