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The Brown Bear

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A few years ago a friend and I were making our way to a freshwater spring that we knew of to fill our water jugs. As we crested a small hill – there in the small meadow before us, was a small cinnamon bear. A yearling I would guess. He spotted our bright orange truck and headed off to the north of us and into the bushes as fast as he could go.

In those days I was working as a professional psychic and dabbling in all things metaphysical. Among the skills that I had developed was animal communication. This was one of my favorite abilities – giving animals a voice.

No sooner had the bear disappeared among the bushes that I was trying to call him back. I sent him mental and emotional images of how happy we were to see him. How beautiful he was – even though we had only caught a fleeting glance of him. I told him I had never seen a cinnamon colored bear before. We waited in the truck at the crest of the hill watching where he had disappeared. My friend mentioned that the bear was long gone and we had no hope of seeing him again.

I felt differently. I knew he was there thinking about the situation. I asked him to come back out so that we could have a better look at him. I assured him that we meant him no harm.

In a moment or two – the bear reappeared from his hiding place in the bushes. He ambled quietly across the meadow – fully aware of our presence toward the center. There he turned toward us and looked at us directly. I was overjoyed! He was beautiful! My excitement and pleasure at seeing him this way was obvious – and I knew the bear felt it. I could feel his joy at being acknowledged as a spiritual presence. He was something more than “just and animal”.

Then a most unusual thing happened. The bear sat back on his hindquarters and waved at us! He did this not once but twice! I found myself waving back, smiling and laughing as the bear went on his way and ambled off southward at his own pace. We were truly blessed by the power and presence of this wonderful creature.

When I got home I looked up the sacred meaning of the brown bear. Among the words written there was a line that said that the brown bear facilitates the accomplishment of what is intended in this lifetime. They also heal and restore for the purposes of getting back on track. I was back on track all right. The energy of that bear is still with me.

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