Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier Symbolism

Be aware of how you respond to others today. Allow them to contribute and be a part of what you are doing without overriding their ideas. They have merit too!
-Airedale Terrier

If Airedale Terrier has come across your path;

The Airedale Terrier’s keyword is  observation. Pay attention to the world around you. Pay special attention to elements that reflect the human condition. Have you withdrawn from the fray? Is it  too painful to acknowledge that we have been ignoring others less fortunate than us? Be aware that you are being pushed away from the sidelines. You are being asked to to get up and help in some way  to improve what you see. It’s time to take a more “hands on” approach.

Alternatively – are you being versatile enough to reach your goals? Perhaps you need to make some slight changes in your upcoming plans.  Are there others that need to be considered? Compromise is a key focus for you right now.

If Airedale Terrier is your Animal Totem;

You are highly intelligent and outgoing. Your friendliness is contagious. You often engage those who normally do not make friends easily. You are always alert to your surroundings. People with this totem often have the ability to act according to the energy of the moment. Often you will confidently take matters into your own hands. You are good at lightening the mood and averting negativity. You have a great deal of courage and heart. You are skilled at moving through awkward social moments. For the most part you always have exactly the right antidote to smooth the emotional waters and avert catastrophe.

If Airedale Terrier has come into your dreams;

It could be telling you that you are carrying more than your share of the load. Enduring more than your share is not necessarily positive personality trait. Take the time to discern what it is that you can let go of and move on.

Alternatively dreaming about this Terrier could be telling you that your loyalty at work has paid off. A raise or promotion at work is imminent. If you are self employed it means that your hard work has paid off through your loyalty to a client. That big contract is within reach.

Additional Associations for Airedale Terrier:


  • Quarter horse for land animal. Sea horse for water and now Airedale for dog. Unlike the commenter below me I am unsure what significance this dog has to me. I have never had this breed as a pet nor do I believe have I ever encountered this dog in personal waking life except for seeing it on tv. I just thought I would share this thought. Cheers (: I do love dogs of all kinds though

  • I have an Airedale Terrier and these are wonderful dogs! My mum and dad have 6 children and I am the oldest and we have this type of dog and it gets on ao well with all the children even the youngest who is 4. It is a very energetic dog but if you are getting a dog I recommend an airedale terrier!!!
    🙂 😆 😛

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