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Afghan Hound

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Time to engage that “tail wag” of happiness right through your whole body! Something you have been working hard to achieve has come to fruition.
-Afghan Hound

If Afghan Hound comes bounding across your path;

Afghan Hound says to keep your eyes focused on your goals. Chase them down wholeheartedly and with all the enthusiasm you can muster. You have the speed and agility to maneuver your way to where you want to go right now. So take that opportunity and just go for it! You know what you have to do!

Alternatively you are being guided to embrace today’s mundane tasks with passion and good humor. Change your outlook on the simple day to day drudgery. This will completely transform your day into a magical mystery tour filled with wonder and awe. Laughter and joy can fill each and every moment by looking at things from a different angle. Chores no longer become chores and are done in a flash.

If Afghan Hound is your Animal Totem;

You have a very dignified and aloof way of carrying yourself. You strive to be extremely independent however laughter is always your undoing. You would crawl miles through the brambles if it would earn you a chuckle, a smile or an outright guffaw. Your clown instinct is never very far away. You are simply a very happy and gregarious being.

If Afghan Hound has come into your dreams;

Dreaming of a red hound can be a message that you need to keep your intentions focused on your current goals. Allowing yourself to get distracted right now can undermine all your hard work. To dream of a golden hound symbolizes an unexpected spiritual gift coming your way.

To dream of a white or cream colored Hound symbolizes that perhaps your goals need to be more spiritually oriented rather than materially focused. Alternatively to dream of a black hound means that you have attained your goals – even though you cannot see it yet. It is time to enter the void and start a new project.

Additional Meanings of Afghan Hound;

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